11 Stories at the Glenn Hotel, Downtown Atlanta

I remember when the Glenn Hotel opened up several years ago. In downtown Atlanta, the Glenn Hotel seemed so swanky and posh, just what the downtown area needed. I never got a chance to eat at 30 Tables, the restaurant Glenn Hotel. And, until recently, never had the opportunity to check out the rooftop bar, 11 Stories.

If you know anything about the Glenn Hotel, you know that it is for singles or couples, not families. It exudes sexiness and definitely doesn’t seem kid-friendly. So, it was only fitting that they add a rooftop deck to enjoy those warm Atlanta spring evenings and cool fall nights for all the hipsters flocking there.

I happened to be staying at a nearby hotel downtown and thought this would be the perfect evening to check out 11 Stories. So, I walked the 10 minutes form my hotel to the Glenn Hotel. I carried my 5 inch heels, and walked in flip flops, only putting them on inside. Our party of two took the elevator up to, you guessed it, the eleventh floor. If you visit, note that the elevator to get up to the 11th floor is around back, so you’ll need to walk through the bar to get to it.

I was excited as I heard that the view from the 11 Stories deck is amazing. Coming off the elevator, I noticed first that there was a large party at 11 stories on that evening. Second, I noticed that the space is much smaller than I had anticipated. Third, I noticed the view.

There was a private party of about 20 -30 people who had reserved ALL the couches. Not that there’s all that much to begin with. But if you don’t snag one of these spots than your options are to sit at one of the few hightops (they accommodate 2) or stand. As you can imagine, on a May evening in Atlanta, there weren’t any spots available. And the deck area only covers a little over half of the actual roof. We ended up sitting on (a pretty sturdy) end table.

Although it wasn’t ideal, it did provide a great view of the city. And it is a spectacular one. With the CNN Center and Omni hotel to our left, the remainder of the Atlanta skyline was straight ahead. At this point, after walking the distance there, we decided to stick it out for a cocktail. I ordered Vodka Gimlet. I don’t think I’ve ever had one made so poorly. It was like limeade sans any sugar. Could I get my 11 bucks back, please?

At this point a DJ started setting up. They could never quite get their sound right. It was more loud bursts of music and static than music. By about 10 pm, the private party started dwindling. I noticed many open spots in the “reserved” area. As I was taking all this in, I locked eyes with one of the private party guests. She shot me a look that said, “don’t you even think about invading our turf.” Shortly after that, the hussy moved out, and we moved in enjoying what was left of our evening.

Perhaps I picked a bad night to visit. I don’t really fault the Glenn hotel for lack of seating. I mean, if they have reserved seating that’s fine. But as seating is kinda limited, they may want to rethink letting non-private party people up there on those nights. I do fault them for the bad drink though.

110 Marietta Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30303-2703
(404) 469-0700

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  1. Chuck

    Love your blog, but please learn the difference between its and it’s.

    It’s is always a contraction of “It is.” Its, the possessive, has no apostrophe.

  2. Malika Bowling Post author

    Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for your comment. I did go to school and they learned me good in the difference between “its” and “it’s” I do my best to try and not have spelling errors or grammatical errors, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. After all, this is a hobby, not a paid gig. I wish I had hours to spend on posts and then time to meticulously proofread every post.

    Thanks for the refresher grammar lesson. I’ll try to do better in the future!


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