5th Street Cafe, Midtown Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Not a trace or even slight resemblance to ENO, the former occupant of this building is recognizable as the owners of the newly opened 5th Street Cafe in Midtown have completely remodeled the restaurant. Gone are the dark wood and warm colors which have been replaced with white and black colors, for an overall sleek and sophisticated look. Love the new look, especially the detail on the ceilings.

The bar at the front of the restaurant, serves to separate much of the dining area from the bakery / sweets section of 5th Street Cafe. This bakery is open during the daytime and customers can pop in and pick up a cupcake, croissant, or other sweet treats available that day.

The owners of 5th street cafe, the same people behind Bottle Bar in Buckhead, seem to be doing good things to promote their new space including a Scoutmob deal (yay! I’ve got it on my Droid) and a Blogger night. If they could only get a FourSquare check-in promo, they’d be all set. Located at 5th and P’tree, 5th Street Cafe just up the street from Cypress Street Pint and Plate. On blogger night, I drove around for a while trying to find street parking before giving up and using the valet. It was only $3, but I just don’t like having to pay for valet at a restaurant, hell I don’t even like to use valet when it’s free.

My friend Kim accompanied me for this meal. I love her, but she’s not a good dining buddy at all – she barely eats anything and then gives me all her leftovers to take home. So, we sat down in a cozy booth and were offered wine. It was tasty, but I would love to go back and sample a cocktail at some point as their bar is really a focal point in the restaurant.

Us bloggers were treated to a 3-course meal, and we started off with the artichokes and the cod fritters. I was expecting artichoke hearts instead of the whole artichoke. It was a pretty presentation for sure, but I thought the lemon dipping sauce was too heavy on the mayonnaise. However, the cod fritters were heavenly. Crispy and flaky, and only made better by the addition of the sundried tomatoes in the vinegar-like sauce.

The menu isn’t huge but there are plenty of salads and the frisee with bacon and poached egg is the one you want to order. The salad isn’t much of a looker, but the bacony goodness permeates all through the salad. And the poached egg is lovely. By this point, I was pleasantly full but not so stuffed I couldn’t enjoy my entree. I liked how very light the appetizers and salads are.

For entrees I was eyeing the bacon wrapped trout with port reduction. So was Kim, so I let her get that and swapped to the short ribs. And threw in an order of the garlic fries as well. Chef Ian Winsdale formerly of Blue Pointe and Spice Market and Here to Serve Restaurants, delivered the food himself. And to quote Kim after she saw him, “….I’m hungry and it’s not for food!”

I absolutely loved the trout. The slightly sweet port reduction was excellent with the salty bacon. However, I’m a slut for the side of mushrooms that came with the dish. I loved the taste and crispiness of the garlic fries, even if I didn’t eat very many. By that point we were getting rather full. I thought the short ribs were tasty albeit, salty. But they had just opened and I know are working out the kinks.

Since it was blogger night, I’m sure service was slightly different. After our entree dishes were cleared, our server didn’t return. He probably thought I’d already made a glutton of myself, how could I possibly eat anymore. But, I still wanted to sample dessert. I made my way across the restaurant to the sweets area and was happy to peruse the selection. But I wonder what the protocol is for guests on a regular night. Is there a dessert menu or must they get up and select their dessert from the display?

Glancing at the dessert case, you can tell desserts are a big deal here, and not to be missed. Owner AD, helped me to some desserts. And on his recommendation, I sampled the red velvet cupcake, lemon cake, and the banana-walnut cake. All were moist and sinfully good, but my fave was the lemon cake.

While the may still have some minor issues to work out, 5th Street is settling into their home quite nicely. If you haven’t already visited, you should at least go sip on a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful renovations that have taken place.

800 Peachtree St NE
Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30308
404 228 2819

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2 thoughts on “5th Street Cafe, Midtown Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

  1. Glaucia

    Man, you are bad as a reviewer. Did you really expect a bigger variety of vegetables in a small restaurant that offers all you can eat meat at a price of $10-$13 !!??
    You talk about healthy risk in a “churrascaria”? Do not talk about health issues when commenting about a restaurant that serves RED MEAT. If you are concerned about fat and salt on your diet, go to a vietnamese restaurant or a veggy one. FYI, the Kobe beef, from Japanese cattle, is the fattest meat and the most expensive in the world!! I can’t imagine a restaurant critic complaining about the fat content of the beef.

  2. Malika Bowling Post author

    Hey Glaucia,

    My comments feature is messed up, but I’m assuming you are referring to Picanha Steakhouse. Umm, yes, vegetables are pretty inexpensive, so I would think that on Saturday, they could have a decent offering or at least get the trays refilled. Chinese buffets that offer a lot more variety and charge a lot less do it all the time.

    I was more making a joke about the ‘health risks’ than anything else. What was really disappointing was the taste. I, as I’m sure a lot of other readers would agree, biting into a chunk of fat is not pleasurable whether you are paying $50 or $0. It simply doesn’t taste good. Same rings true for the overuse of salt.

    Thanks for commenting

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