Aqua Blue, Roswell, Atlanta, Ga Restaurant Review

Aqua Blue, with its sleek interior could fool you into thinking you were in an upscale Buckhead or Midtown restaurant. There are four distinct areas throughout the restaurant, each very well appointed. As you walk inside, there is a curtained off room to the right of the hostess stand for private parties. Behind the hostess stand is a large bar area with plenty of hightops, and as beautiful as it is, you could enjoy your entire meal there. But the main dining area is pretty snazzy itself comfy booths and nicely appointed light fixtures, it is a great choice for an intimate date night. Lastly, the outdoor patio beckons you on warm spring evenings or cool fall nights.

My cocktail, The Basil Southside was refreshing, but on future experiences, I’d probably stick to wine as Aqua Blue has curated a terrific one, with a variety available by the glass. With a dozen appetizers to choose from, it’s hard to make a choice, especially given that you could also select from the salads or sushi portion of the menu.

Aqua Blue Roswell

Lobster sliders at Aqua Blue

The Tempura Green Beans and Calamari are signature items at Aqua Blue, on the menu for years. I did a split order of half of each of those on my first visit and thoroughly enjoyed it, but this time stuck to the calamari alone with Nori (seaweed salad) and Lobster sliders. Sure, calamari is on almost every restaurant menu, but Aqua Blue’s is one of the best, so don’t miss out. And the Lobster sliders? They are chock full of meat with very little filler. It’s $15 for the pair, but well worth it and just as much if not more than the lobster rolls some other restaurants offer.


Blackened Scallops with Lobster Ravioli at Aqua Blue


King Clip fish on the menu at Aqua Blue

You can never get enough Lobster, right? So, I ordered the Blackened scallops with Lobster ravioli  (pictured above) for an entree. But I was intrigued by the King Clip fish, as I’d not heard of it before. The chef told us it hails from South Africa. Served with basil and artichokes it was a highlight of the meal. If you enjoy fish, I highly recommend getting this rarely seen fish if you visit Aqua Blue.

What happens if you are dining with a non-seafood eater? Encourage them to get Aqua Blue’s duck. It isn’t something I would gravitate towards at a seafood restaurant, so I’m so glad the chef sent some out for us. It was incredible and so large, we ended up having leftovers for several days.

I’ll occasionally drive out to Buford Highway to get a duck just like this. Aqua Blue’s duck is every bit as delicious as the authentic Buford Highway spots I enjoy.


The crispy duck at Aqua Blue was a surprise hit!

Though we were too full for any dessert, they do have a fabulous coconut cake on the menu I remember having on my last visit.  Disclosure: Aqua Blue hosted us for dinner and therefore, our meal was complimentary. But the opinions expressed are my own.

1564 Holcomb Bridge Rd

Roswell, GA 30076
770 643 8886

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  1. Mike

    Interesting. Only been to Aqua Blue once and the experience was so bad that I haven’t been back since. Besides my personal dislike of the decor, the food took forever to come out and the resounding verdict of my entire group was that it was probably the worst meal they’ve had in a long time. Must have been an off night.

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