Babette’s Cafe, Inman Park, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Babette’s Cafe, located in Inman Park, has been around for years, run by Chef and Owner, Marla Adams. Adams named the restaurant after the movie, Babette’s Feast. I hadn’t eaten at Babette’s Cafe in over a decade. Back when I was in college, I dragged some friends out there to have dinner. They both had very tasty and substantial entrees. Mine, on the other hand, was somewhere between four and six shrimp on top of some green beans. Needless to say, I left hungry and disappointed. To this day, that evening is standing joke between us.

I felt as though it was time for another visit, especially since I was writing Food Lovers’ Atlanta. The renovated house has a rustic charm to it. Love the scuffed up walls and hardwood floors. It was quite busy on the Friday evening when I visited, so I’d definitely recommend rezzies for a weekend visit. Although don’t bother trying to make them on Open Table, as they are consistently blocked off. Just call Babette’s Cafe directly.

There’s a section of soups / salads and small plates and I truly believe this is where the winners are. Well, those and the desserts. Starting things off with the Corn and Crab chowder along with the salad with hearts of palm, we then added to the order the mussels and Piroshkies.

I just ordered a tasting of the chowder and it was good, with definite chunks of crab in it, but I’d rather have shared the salad and had two orders of the Piroshkies. These guys are small (about the size of a steamed dumpling that you get at most Chinese restaurants) and one order comes with two Piroshkies. They are full of pork and veal and served up with a Tarragon butter sauce – simply amazing. Oh and the mussels we had were delicious too, served in an unusual strawberry /serrano broth, I couldn’t tear off the bread from its loaf fast enough to sop up all the yummy broth.

For entrees we sampled the Veal Piccata and the Pork with Gnocchi. The veal cutlets, pounded think had some sort of Mediterranean sauce with capers. Mr. ARB thought it was quite tasty. The Sauvignon Blanc he chose to pair with it, was quite exquisite. My pork was decent, but two out of the three pieces were almost pure fat. As far as the Gnocchi, I was expecting potato dumplings, but theirs is actually more like a polenta in taste and texture than Gnocchi. It was good, just not quite what I was expecting.

I was all for skipping dessert, but when Mr. ARB heard there was house made pistachio ice cream for dessert he couldn’t resist, ordering not only that but a side of the Date and Pistachio cookies too. This ice cream was indeed heavenly. The warm cookies were a nice addition to our dessert too.

Tip: There’s a prix fixe menu available Tuesdays through Fridays (including choice of appetizer and entree) for under $20.

573 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia
Babette’s Cafe Website

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