Bistro VG Roswell, GA Restaurant Review

I hadn’t been to Bistro VG since its conversion from Van Gogh’s. I’d heard rumors that things had gone down hill and quite honestly, I’ve never really been impressed with its sister restaurant, Aspens.  Mr. ARB wanted to have his birthday dinner there this year and I’m happy to say, I was pleasantly surprised by Bistro VG.

The decor is a stark contrast to what I remember from Van Gogh’s. There’s a ton of white: walls, tables and chairs – all white. The noise volume was loud on the Friday night when we visited but not any worse than many other restaurants.

The martinis and other cocktails we had (St. Germain and French 75) were good, but if I had to do it again I’d skip them and focus on wine. We started with two appetizers: the calamari and beet salad, safe choices that didn’t disappoint. The calamari was especially delicious. A huge portion for sharing, and something everyone at the table could agree on. New on the menu was the Parsnip Tortelloni. A refreshing departure from Butternut Squash that seems to be on every menu, this was the wild card appetizer, but turned out to be quite tasty.

About this time, four cackling women sat down near us. I think they’d polished off a couple bottles of wine before they headed out to dinner. Figuring they would carry on like this for quite some time, we asked to be moved to another table, and the staff graciously accommodated us. Luckily, we were able to keep our attentive server, Michael, even though we moved across the restaurant.

Dinner entrees of Barrel fish, Pork Chop, Duck Breast and Short Ribs were nothing less than outstanding. The Pork Chop was probably the favorite of all dishes. This thick chop was perfectly seasoned and juicy.

Michael, only there for a week, we learned, knew the menu inside and out. Excellent service is always appreciated obviously, but when it is a special occasion, it matters even more. Also very familiar with the wine list, he was able to help us pick out a delicious one. Quite the opposite from the clumsy and inexperienced high school kids that work at Aspens. The manager even gave us his recommendation on a Cote du Rhone, which was lovely.

We settled on the chocolate crepes for the dinner. The two crepes were perfect for four stuffed people to share. Oh and I loved how they secured the candle on the plate, don’t you? Very classy. Total before tip was about $250. Totally worth it for the amount and quality of food and wine. Bistro VG is a perfect place for a date night or a special celebration for a group.

70 W Crossville Rd
Roswell, Ga 30075

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