Brookhaven Bistro, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Brookhaven Bistro is located at Peachtree and Ashford Dunwoody in (you guessed it) Brookhaven. You’ve probably driven past Brookhaven Bistro without even knowing it is there. That’s because it is located behind the Nuts and Berries Health Food Store in the attached building.

I headed out to meet up with Amy for lunch on a recent Wednesday. I think I snagged one of the last spots in the small parking lot. Upon entering, we were greeted by Chip, the owner and Chef of Brookhaven Bistro. What a friendly dude! I should disclose that this was a free meal. Lucky them – they got a 2 for 1 deal with me and Amy!

Given that Chip knew why we were visiting, we thought we’d ask him what he recommends as well as pick some items we wanted to try and just share everything. He recommended we start with a spicy tofu soup with collard greens (his own recipe – a variation of it on the regular menu). I agreed to it (I’ll give just about anything a try) but wasn’t thrilled at the prospect.

I had done my research prior to visiting and heard the specialty was the salmon quesadilla, so I knew I wanted to give that a whirl along with their Tutti Frutti salad (a concoction with spinach, bananas, strawberries, feta cheese, and walnuts). Note that Brookhaven Bistro is attached to health foods store (emphasis on health). So, the menu consists mainly of fish, vegetarian entrees and salads. And there is nothing fried, salmon and turkey burgers are broiled.

As it was a pretty Atlanta Spring day, Amy and I chose to sit outside, pollen be damned. Seating area is rather small – outside has about 6 tables and the inside has about 7 or 8 tables. I could imagine this could get crowded at peak times, but Brookhaven Bistro lends itself more to a takeout establishment rather than dine in, it would seem.

First to arrive was our spicy tofu soup. I admit, I took that first spoon with a bit of trepedation. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was yummy y’all. I loved the blend of collards, peppers (you can’t see them in my pic) and yes, even the tofu. The only thing that was missing was some bread to dip in it.

The Tutti-Frutti salad is so unique and not to be missed if you check out Brookhaven Bistro. The sweet bananas and strawberries are a perfect balance to the salty Feta cheese. And the crunchy walnuts give the salad that extra umph.

Next up was our Salmon quesadilla. I enjoyed it and thought ingredients were very fresh but felt there was something missing. Then Chip brought out their house made Sriracha / Chipotle sauce. I slathered that goodness all over my quesadilla and that made a huge difference. I even had some of Brookhaven Bistro’s specialty sauce leftover, which I used on some veggies a couple days later.

I almost forgot our carrot and ginger juice. Very refreshing and tasty. I feel like I got a vitamin shot in that lunch hour. The nice thing was that while I felt satisfied, I didn’t feel overly stuffed or that I needed to take a nap when I returned home, as is often the case when I have a heavy lunch.

Don’t misunderstand, all this healthy eating didn’t stop me inquiring with Chip “What’s for dessert?” And he politely informed me that he doesn’t offer dessert as it doesn’t really jive with their healthy image. Still need a sweet fix? Just stop by Nuts and Berries on your way out. Amy and I perused it and there are plenty of sweets to satiate you if you are so inclined.

Brookhaven Bistro must have a pretty loyal group of customers. I notice a couple customers whip out their frequent diner card when paying. Here’s the deal: 10 punches (minimum spend $7) and you get a free meal.

4274 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, Ga
404 846 2233

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