Cafe 640, Virginia-Highland, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Do you remember when Cafe 640 was Cafe Diem? Back in our college days my bestie, Kim and I used to visit all the time. Sometimes we’d visit Cafe Diem before hitting up the Masquerade. It was also called Cafe di Sol for several years before recently changing to Cafe 640. I’d not been back to Cafe Diem Cafe di Sol Cafe 640 since the name change. So, when Cafe 640 popped up on Scoutmob a while back, I stopped in for a visit.

The tables inside seem less crowded than I remember them. However, the outside patio seemed to be where all the action was on the night I visited. It was that time of year when the beautiful weather during the day, with lots of sun and low humidity, turns rather chilly after sundown. So, we choose indoor seating. I can imagine, during spring this is one in demand patio.

Since there were no small tables available, Mr. ARB and I were seated at a large 6-person table. I’d take this any day over those teeny tiny bistro tables we’ve been sat at other restaurants. I can’t stand when you have to juggle plates because the tables are so small.

I decided to try the much hyped Grapefruit Rosewater Martini. Sounds great, right? Too bad it is just that – hype. Well, at least it was to me. All look and no substance. I couldn’t taste anything but Grapefruit juice. I had to wait a while to actually flag down our server, as he was running around the place like he was on fire. Not sure what that was about as it wasn’t overly busy. Anyway, he was very friendly about it and offered to bring me something else, but I didn’t want to take a chance on another disappointing drink, so I opted to stick it out with water. I saw a ton of the Grapefruit Martinis being made at the bar, so perhaps me and Mr. ARB’s taste was off that night.

Next, we ordered appetizers – Ropa Vieja and Hummus. Ropa Vieja is a shredded beef and Cafe 640 serves theirs on colored tortilla chips with cilantro, topped with cheese and a creamy sauce. It was definitely filling and the Ropa Vieja seemed to be cooked very well. The salad, served with pumpkin seeds and pistachios, was good but I felt the lemon dressing was a little heavy on the tart side, overpowering all the other flavors. The hummus, was absolutely perfect. It was served in a deceptively large bowl. It looked small, but it contained a ton of hummus. And the cucumbers, carrot sticks and pita triangles were plenty to mop up all the tasty hummus. If you visit, I’d recommend that for your starter.

Instead of full-blown entrees we chose sandwiches instead. Me: the Andy’s Burger with garlic shitake mushrooms and gueyere cheese, Mr. ARB: Reuben Sandwich. My burger was juicy, albeit very greasy, but the flavor was highly enjoyable. I’d love this with a good brew on their patio on a warm summer day. As for the Reuben sandwich, you know how you visit a deli and get a sandwich like this and the meat is piled so high you examine it from every angle, not quite sure how you’ll be able to fit it inside your mouth? Well, that’s not the case here. They are stingy with the meat on this sandwich, although the house made chips, a combo of regular and sweet potato were really tasty.

Assemble your peeps and snag a table on the patio on warm spring and summer months. They seem to have a great beer selection, so it is definitely worth throwing back a few on a weekend afternoon on their patio.

640 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
404 724 0711
Cafe 640 Website

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