California Pizza Kitchen Introduces New Adventures Menu

Remember when California Pizza Kitchen first opened up? I thought it was such a treat to visit the Lenox location and have a gourmet pizza. Given the fact that I can pick one up at the grocery store, and specialty pizza places are all over, the novelty quickly wore off. So, when I was invited to attend the launch of the New Adventures menu at their Atlantic Station location, I wasn’t overly excited. But CPK really impressed me.

The New Adventures menu consists of about five new items that are all 640 calories or less. I took some spectacular pictures of the dishes. Unfortunately they are in the hard drive of my now dead cell phone. So, the pictures you see below are all courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen.

Quinoa + Arugula Salad (610 Calories)






I’m not the biggest fan of Quinoa, but the pairing with Arugula, red onion, pine nuts and feta was wonderful.

Shrimp Pasta (550 Calories)






This as my least favorite dish of the bunch. There wasn’t anything special that stood out.

Fire-Roasted Chile Relleno (380 Calories)






With the cheese and creamy sauce, my guess is this would have been the highest calorie dish, but surprisingly it has the least. This dish has a heat that sneaks up on you, so be warned if you order it, you should like hot and spicy. I was three mouthfulls into it before the heat hit me like a ton of bricks. But overall, it is a delicious flavor.

Grilled Chicken Chimichurri (550 Calories)






Just glancing at the menu, I would not order this, but it ended up being my favorite of all the dishes. I wish I could have gotten a bottle of their Chimchurri sauce to take home with me. And the vegetables were quite tasty too.

Cedar Plank Salmon (640 Calories)





I’d never have guessed that this dish would have the most calories. Mixing bites of salmon with the corn and spinach succotash, I enjoyed it.

Rather than seeing the name “California Pizza Kitchen” throughout most of the restaurant, I saw more of the “CPK” name. I asked one of the managers, if that is a rebranding idea, a la KFC. He didn’t really give me an answer but it is clear that they are aiming to be seen as more of a full restaurant than just a pizza place.

While there are still many pizza options on the menu, there are also lots of other entree choices as well like salads, pastas and sandwiches. I like that the menu is not as big as a novel. There’s something for everyone. Besides low cal dishes, there are Gluten Free and Vegetarian items (yes plural) too.

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