Carb-worthy Splurging

Back in the mid 90s the Atkins, cut-out-carbs-from-your-diet, was all the rage. Eat endless amounts of high-fat foods like bacon, cheese, and the like, guilt-free? What’s not to love? I tried to do it. And I did. For about 20 hours. After that, I was consumed with a craving for carbs – bread, pasta, rice any carb I could get my hands on.

I learned that that sort of extreme diet wasn’t for me. Instead, I’ve cut back on the amount of carbs I consume, usually shying away from pasta dishes and only eating part of the bread on sandwiches. But sometimes, there are dishes that are so delicious, I throw all that out the window and chow down on carbs. Here are three meals that I’ve eaten recently that I think are worth the carb splurge.

Spaghetti at No. 246

Instead of a red sauce, this is a light dish with shrimp and garlic that I could eat once a week. I only got the half portion and it was plenty good enough to satisfy my carb craving. No. 246 makes a great date restaurant too and with inexpensive pies and pastas, it is easy on the wallet too.

Tartufo Pizza

The namesake pizza, topped with mushrooms, arugula, and truffle oil, is just delightful. One good thing if you are trying to watch your carbs: the pizza is thin crust. The pizza is definitely a rare treat at $22 for 8 slices of pizza, but so worth it. The restaurant is small, so may be difficult to get a table with a big crowd.

Ramen at Yakitori Jinbei

Located in Marietta, off of Cobb Parkway, this is the kind of restaurant you would expect to find on Buford Highway, albeit not as inexpensive (a bowl of ramen is about $12). Forget that cheap, salty stuff you’ve eaten in the past. This is nothing like that. The large bowls of creamy ramen soup definitely soothe your soul, especially on cold winter nights.

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