Cast Iron gastropub atlanta

Cast Iron, Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Small menu with bold flavors at Cast Iron restaurant in Atlanta

Cast Iron replaces the short lived Last Word in Old Fourth Ward. The cozy spot is good for a date or small groups. Even with the open kitchen, it remains quiet enough to hold a conversation with your pals or sweetheart. Or like me, a spot to catch up with your sibling that you only see once a year.

The small menu packs a punch. Start with the house made Gin and Tonic with a floral quality I’ve never had before, with ingredients like rose hips, dandelion and sumac. Or get the Boggie Stop Shuffle with paprika infused vodka, lemon apricto and coffee. All cocktails are just $8 or get the Snackery ($5) “half size daquiri made for drinking quickly.” And the well curated wine list will have you wondering what to choose. Ask your server as they are quite knowledgeable and adept at making recommendations, like the Mouvedre I enjoyed.

cast iron duck confit

Cast Iron Duck Confit

There are just a dozen menu items available, not including sides or dessert. The left side of the menu features the small plates and the right, larger plates, though you’re  doing it wrong if you’re not sharing everything with your dining companion(s). Pictured at the top is the vegetable dish ($9) with beets, carrots and lentils with a house made ricotta. The second small plate, pictured above, the duck confit ($7), was small with lots going on including a pickled onion cream and duck skin. Creamy, savory with a touch of sweetness, I’d order this time each time I visit Cast Iron in Old Fourth Ward.

cast iron atlanta gastropub review

Shrimps, cold noodles, appropriate vegetables, hot mustard, tamarind caramel ($13)

The most interesting dish was the half cooked snapper with olives and popcorn ($13). The picture wasn’t great, but the dish certainly was. Who thinks of serving with popcorn with snapper and the olive “oil” was actually a dried powder sprinkled on top. So unique. I said I was visiting Cast Iron for the first time with my brother, right? He’s a total foodie too and I was hoping to impress him, and I totally knocked it out of the park taking him to Cast Iron.

Mushrooms with sherry and balsamic ($11) are toped with breadcrumbs giving them a lovely texture as well. Looking for a dish with a nod to the south? Get the Pork Tagliatelle ($13) made with pork shoulder and collards. The dish, pictured below, has pomegranates sprinkled on top, a bit unusual but seems to work well together.

Cast Iron atlanta review

Pork Tagliatelle with Pomegranates

Like lobster? Have you heard that monkfish is the poor man’s lobster? The monkfish ($17) at Cast Iron in Atlanta is served with boiled peanut rice pudding and a citrus marmalade. We were so full from the other dishes we didn’t give this dish the full attention it deserves, but I can’t wait to get back there and have it again.

Cast Iron is definitely an under the radar restaurant in Atlanta right now. Hurry before the secret gets out. And man, those prices are so low for the quality of food. There’s plenty of street parking to be found.

Disclosure: My meal at Cast Iron was complimentary, but the opinions expressed are my own. 

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