Cheeseburger Bobby’s, Kennesaw, GA Restaurant Review

Lunched at Cheeseburger Bobby’s (aka Five Guys competition) today. Me and my coworker Brandon were both craving a cheeseburger for lunch and since neither of us had been to Cheeseburger Bobby’s we decided we’d take a field trip.

I guess Cheeseburger Bobby’s is really meant for to go orders because when we got there around 12:40 every seat in the restaurant was taken. But it is a small space – there must only be about 5 or 6 booths and 6 or 7 small tables. We were thinking we were going to have to get our food to go but plenty of seats opened up after we placed our order. We must have come in just after the lunch rush.

I say it is like Five Guys because the setup is almost exactly the same (except without the free peanuts). You walk in and walk up to the counter and place your order. Toppings are free as like Five Guys except at Cheeseburger Bobby’s it is do it yourself at the bar vs. Five Guys where you just tell them what toppings you want.

I got a Classic Cheeseburger (burger with your choice of American, Cheddar or Swiss cheese). It was a good juicy burger. They also have specialty burgers (these are double patties), which I’m pretty sure Five Guys doesn’t have. These are your standard Bacon Cheddar, Black and Blue, Chili Cheese, etc. Brandon got the same as me and chili cheese fries as well. I didn’t care for the chili fries. I don’t think the fries would be bad by themselves, but I just wasn’t a fan of the chili and cheeses on them.

Prices at Cheeseburger Bobby’s are around the same as Five Guys ($3.79 at CB and $3.89 at FG for pretty much the same burger). One thing I like better about Five Guys is the topping selection is better. They have cooked mushrooms and onions as an option. Cheeseburger Bobby’s doesn’t have mushrooms unless you get one of their specialty burgers. And their onions are raw.

Cheeseburger Bobby’s was started be the two brothers who opened Stevi B’s pizza. So, they obviously know what they are doing. Currently they have 3 stores in the Atlanta area. They are hoping to have 50 stores open by 2010.

I’m on the fence about this one. Clearly there are more and more dining establishments that are popping up that are somewhere in between fast food, but not quite full service. While this is a great concept, I just have to wonder how many people are going to be willing to pay upwards of $7 for a burger combo? As Brandon put it, it wasn’t exactly a cheeseburger in paradise.

I’ve heard they have good milkshakes. When it gets warmer, I’ll be back to have one of those tasty treats.

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