Crepe Revolution, Smyrna, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

I first discovered Crepe Revolution in Smyrna, when I was dining a couple doors down at Lime Taqueria. To me, I’d always thought of crepes as a dessert item, but that all changed after I visited Crepe Revolution. Located in the mixed use West Village development of Smyrna, Crepe Revolution is one of the most unique restaurants in the complex.

Crepe Revolution is pretty charming and sophisticated looking on the interior. Most would incorrectly assume it may look like a deli or something drab, but the decor is pleasant and is perfect for a date or a group outing. They also have monthly wine tastings and on Wednesday nights wines by the bottle are half off. In speaking with Neel Sengupta, Founder of Crepe Revolution, you can immediately tell how much pride he has in his restaurant. And as he puts it, Atlanta is a city that tends to follow trends (read = pizza, burgers) but he wants to start a trend with crepes, rather than follow the herd.

And there is no lack of choices on the menu. There is a crepe to please everyone. Fillings are shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, veggies and even duck. They have names like “Pork that’s Fancy” or “Beef Olio.” You can either choose one of their specialty crepes or make one of your own. I would suggest going with one of their specialty crepes, if you aren’t familiar with crepes. Also, the price will be more economical that was as well. Not that it is ever expensive. Most crepe dishes are around $10. And those are dinner prices.

Upon my first visit, we started with the shrimp appetizer. The large shrimp were in tangy, slightly peppery sauce set atop a pita / flatbread kind of bread. The four triangles were delicious and left us wanting more.

While my dining companions wanted dessert, I wanted dinner. So, I ordered the Chipotle Pork crepe. All crepes come with your choice of fruit, salad, pasta, or new potatoes. For me it was a no brainer, and I chose the new potatoes. I loved the seasoning. It was like breakfast, but not, if that makes sense. And at under $9, extremely affordable, especially given the portion.

As for the crepe, it was not only beautifully presented but packed full of meat inside. And the meat was juicy and tender, not all dried out as pork can sometimes be. If you don’t have too big of an appetite, you could easily share a dinner portion between two people, especially if you get and appetizer and plan on getting dessert. The chipotle sauce was a nice addition – spicy but not overpowering the dish.

On a return visit recently, I went for lunch instead. Crepe Revolution offers no waiter service during lunch. You simply order and pay at the counter and your food is delivered to your table shortly. They say this is to expedite the in and out process of serving the lunch crowd. It also saves them the cost of a wait staff, which in this economy, who could blame them?

This time, I skipped apps and we tried the curried crepe and the thai chicken crepe. Lunch portion crepes are about half the size of the dinner portion and are around $6. Now the description for the curried crepe sounded wonderful with lots of veggies and I love curry. Unfortunately, what I got was underseasoned and lacking content of both chicken and veggies.

But, on the other hand, the thai chicken was exceptionally good. The crepe was packed full of chicken and the peanut sauce drizzled over the crepe was delicious. Perhaps my crepe was an oversight, because I can’t imagine how the two could be so different as far as seasoning and filling.

I was also invited back to preview Crepe Revolution’s new menu offerings. Along with some new tasty Sangrias, my favorite being the Kiwi Grapefruit Sangria, there are a couple new crepes on the menu. We sampled the Ginger Crab Rolls, Chicken Thai Peanut Purses, Crepe Del Mar and the Peppered Lamb with Cherries.

The Ginger Crab was exquisite, bursting with crab (see pic above left), but not too heavy. It makes for a great appetizer. I thought the Thai Chicken Purses were a very pretty presentation (see above right), but found the chicken to be a little dry as on my previous experience with the curry chicken. Based on these few experiences, perhaps chicken isn’t the best item to get here.

Next up was the Crepe Del Mar. This is stuffed with shrimp, scallops, fish and mushrooms with a goat cheese sauce on top. The seafood was definitely fresh and my friend, Wendy, who accompanied me to the tasting, chose this as her favorite of the evening. But my favorite was the Lamb crepe. I love lamb and this was absolutely delicious. I peeled back the crepe a little before taking the picture (see above). The lamb was juicy and tender. And the mix of cherries, almonds and feta was the perfect mix for a crepe filling.

You cannot go to Crepe Revolution and not get a dessert crepe. I’ve now had the Bananas Foster crepe three, yes three, times, and it is phenomenal. Every time. The rich sauce oozes out of the crepe and just a bit of crepe, a banana slice and some sauce makes for the perfect bite. It is worth a trip to Crepe Revolution just for that dessert alone. And I love the french press coffee served in its own french press pots to individuals.

4600 West Village Place, #3009
Smyrna, GA 30080
770 485 7440

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