Fishook Grille, Roswell, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Fishook Grille, with locations in Roswell and Atlantic Station, is the reincarnation of Boneheads, although I really can’t see much difference in the two. The menu remains pretty much the same and the fast-casual approach remains intact at Fishook Grille. As of the time of this post, everything on the menu is under ten dollars.

They really seem to be into technology here. There’s a small display where you place your order to input your cell number to keep with their deals via text messaging. The card stand (where you display your number so they know where to bring your food), doubles as a QR image display. When you scan the QR code you can be taken to their Facebook page.

Me and my two cohorts ordered varied menu items: tacos, snapper and fish n chips. I didn’t try them but I understand the fish n chips were only so-so, pretty salty and according to my friend “not much better than Captain D’s.”

The snapper came with rice and choice of a side. Mr. ARB, went with the healthy option, zucchini. The two pieces not only had pretty grill marks on them but were seasoned nicely. Although the snapper piece was rather thin – I think they must have access to the same meat slicer that Arby’s uses to cut it’s roast beef – it was very tasty. In fairness, what kind of slice of snapper would you expect for nine bucks?

The best deal are the tacos. You have a choice of chicken, shrimp or Tilapia. Had the selection been something like Cod or Mahi-Mahi, I would have gotten one fish taco, but I’m not the biggest fan on Tilapia. I really enjoyed both the chicken and shrimp tacos. The Peri-Peri sauce, slightly sweet and slightly spicy was perfect in both tacos. The three for nine bucks deal is plenty, especially with the sweet potato fries I chose as my side.

I really like the clean look of the restaurant and the fresh taste of the seafood at Fishook Grille. The creative fish toppings are another standout. Think Mango-Apricot Salsa an Mediterranean Tepenade. Prices are reasonable for lunch and super inexpensive for dinner. Also, there’s a Tuesday lunch special of the an entree + drink for eight dollars.

660 Crossville Road
Roswell, GA 30075
Fishook Grille Website

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3 thoughts on “Fishook Grille, Roswell, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

  1. Liz

    I just would like to say that I worked here and I think their food is excellent. Good choice with the calimari. So good. But always go with whatever you think your favorite wine will be unless the server absolutely convinces you otherwise. They do run specials on certain top notch wines at bargain prices on weekends usually, which may be what the server was trying to introduce you to. As for the “signature” dish. Definitely not the wahoo which can be deceiving since it shares its name with the restaurant. The signature dishes, I would say, are the Hawaiian Ahi Tuna and the Scallop Picatta. Patrons could not say enough good things about both of these entrees. Or the new york strip is always a good option if you don’t like seafood. All of these run about 19-21 dollars. And although the waiter is supposed to say what the special costs, I have never seen a weekend special cost more than $22. Which is reasonable for the fresh, quality food that you get for the price….. Anyway, I just had to put my two cents in because I worked here for 6 months and would gladly eat there again anytime paying full price. Everything about the dining experience here is quality and I don’t know many waiters who would say that about a restaurant they’ve left. Give it a try. You won’t regret it. Definitely sit on the outside patio if it’s nice enough outside. If not, definitely sit in the garden room….. One more thing, always always let your waiter know if you’re not totally satisfied with your meal. They know that kitchen cooks each meal with care but sometimes things don’t go as expected and they want you to enjoy your meal as much as possible. So they will do their best to make sure you leave satisfied. Oh yeah, and definitely always try the desert special. They are always super fresh and delicious. Especially the coconut cake when it’s available. People ask about it all the time.

  2. Amy

    If you are in PC Beach again you should definitely try a little local hole in the wall called Hognose Snapper.  The food is incredible and it is no doubt, one of the best places to eat on PC Beach.  The chef is a CIA graduate who has every intention of making sure that there is something on the menu to please everyone.  He makes yummy homemade rolls for all the sandwiches and they have delicious seafood, including Grouper Imperial and the best crab cakes you may ever put in your mouth.  A huge 1/2 lb burger that you can barely get your mouth around and fried green tomatoes that are to die for.  The chef hand cuts french fries and sweet pototo fries every day.  I’ve been told, nothing in this place comes frozen from the back of a truck!  It’s a super affordable menu with most items under $10.  They also have daily specials and a cozy atmosphere that feels almost like being in someones dining room.  If you don’t like tourist traps and want real value and great food, this is definitely a place you should try.  

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