Flashdance the Musical: What a Feeling!

I had no idea Flashdance was playing in Atlanta until a friend asked me just Monday to go. Flashdance, now thirty years old, still gets women of all ages excited as was evident from the audience when I saw the show the other night. Our group of four women started our girls night out at Proof & Provision. If you’ve not been here, this is a terrific option if you are seeing a show at the Fox. It is right across the street at the Georgian Terrace. Tasty cocktails and comfort food await you in this basement bar. Simple items like duck wings and grilled cheese are some of my favorite dishes here.

Finishing dinner, we quickly settled our checks and dashed across the street to pick up our tickets. Talented performers and the dance numbers, complete with the moon walk and the famous water splash scene ensure there’s no lull in excitement during the 2.5 hour span of the show. All the tunes from the movie are in the show, “Maniac,” “Gloria,” “Manhunt,” “I Love Rock and Roll” and of course, “Flashdance—What a Feeling.” While we enjoyed the show, it is not for kids.

Flashdance runs through Sunday at the Fox, so you still have a couple days to catch it. We bought our tickets from Goldstar for around $40. The only downside about buying them here was not being able to pick out our exact seats but we still had a good view of the stage for the price. Don’t forget your leg warmers!

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