H. Harper Station, Atlanta, GA

H.Harper Station is located in the historic Atlanta and West Point rail station. The restaurant is named after the owner’s grandfather, Harold Harper. Located off of I-20, H. Harper Station isn’t too far from midtown or downtown.

I visited H. Harper with a friend for brunch on a recent Sunday. When you pull into the parking lot (if they don’t have a valet, which they don’t at brunch) you just self-park. Although there is a large sign at the front which lights up at night, the main entrance is actually on the side of the restaurant. You’ll see a ramp – just walk up that ramp and go through the revolving doors to the hostess stand. If you don’t, and walk in the front like I did, the staff just stares at and ignores you.

The layout of the restaurant focuses heavily on the bar rather than the seating for dining. I think I’d actually enjoy it more for just cocktails than food. Not that the food was bad, I just hated the tables. They were tightly packed in, so there’s no privacy to any conversation and good luck squeezing in between the tables if you weigh over 100 lbs.

I arrived before my brunch mate, and was seated immediately. Then as I waited, the staff once again ignored me. I understand I was waiting on a guest. But I would have expected our server to come by and ask if I wanted to order an appetizer, a drink or even just get a glass of water. I didn’t try to flag anyone down but I desperately tried to make eye contact and was amazed at how server after server acted as if I were invisible, even though they were coming within two feet of me as the tables are so closely spaced together.

Once my brunch mate arrived, service actually was quite pleasant. We started with the pimento cheese, creamy and perfect, it didn’t disappoint. However, they are quite filling and we only ended up eating one each.

I ordered a Blood Mary after our appetizer arrived. Another reason they should have asked if I wanted a drink when I sat down? Drinks take forever to make. Their Blood Mary was good and quite strong, worth the wait, I suppose. Oh, and bonus, Blood Mary’s are served with a Sweetwater 420 shorty as a chaser. That was definitely more booze than I was expecting at noon.

If you look at the online menu for H. Harper, you’ll notice that it is different than what you’ll get when you visit the restaurant. At the time of this post, there’s a crispy duck sandwich which was highly recommended by our server and the Steak and Eggs, that you won’t find on the website.

My brunch cohort honed in on the Scallops, Shrimp and Grits right away and since she agreed to let me have a taste, I ordered my second choice, the Steak and Eggs. Her Scallops, Shrimp and Grits had a unique taste. The smokey tomato flavor really came through, very different from your average shrimp ‘n grits. My hanger steak was lovely – tender and served with fluffy scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes. I actually took most of my steak home – and it was so filling, I didn’t eat again for another eight hours. I’d be willing to go back and sit at the bar for cocktails, but their seating would definitely deter me from eating there again.

904 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, GA 30316
H. Harper Station Website


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