Kozmo Gastropub, Alpharetta, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Kozmo Gastro Pub is tucked away, far, far, away in a strip mall on the outskirts of Alpharetta. It is in a tiny shopping strip mall on the corner of Douglas and Jones Bridge. I would not have gone to Kozmo Gastro Pub had it not been for the Scoutmob deal or the fact that I have a fondness for poutine, which isn’t found in many restaurants in the south.

We visited Kozmo Gastro Pub on a Sunday evening, expecting it to be pretty quiet, but were surprised to find it somewhat lively. It’s got a minimalistic decor, that is reminiscent of Midtown. And the open kitchen is the center of attention.

The clientele seems mostly middle-aged, but this is the burbs, after all. No matter, I was there for the food not the crowd. However, the acoustics are terrible. So the cackling women celebrating a birthday or girls night out or whatever, was really annoying during our dinner.

We were first seated at a small table even though a couple larger tables were open. When we asked to be moved, we got a decent table, but I got the feeling the host was annoyed we asked to be moved which meant he had to clean off a table. Our server was fine, not really friendly, but fine. All in all, I thought the staff was rather stiff. Too bad the drinks weren’t.

I ordered a “Kozmorita” which Kozmo’s menu describes as “Mixing the sophistication of New England with the Fire of Mexico.” I wasn’t tasting any heat or pepper. It simply tasted like a margarita with some cranberry juice in it. I will say that Glen’s Gin Gin drink was pretty tasty.

We started with the Panko fried Eggplant. These are three large slices of Eggplant that come with a drizzle of clover honey on the plate. I wouldn’t have expected honey to pair so well with the Eggplant but I enjoyed it tremendously and salt was used quite sparingly which I appreciated as well. Granted, the slices are big and I did love the honey drizzle, but nine bucks was a tad pricey.

A long, long, time ago I dated a Canadian. He turned out to be a complete douche bag, but he did introduce me to poutine. He made it from scratch and it was delightful. If you aren’t familiar, poutine is made with fries, gravy, cheese and some sort of meat mixed in and then baked together. I knew I was ordering that for my entree before I even looked at the menu.

I am surprised that the poutine is listed in the appetizer section, as it doesn’t really belong there. The entire serving is baked together, and needs to be eaten with a knife and fork, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to sharing. And it comes with a large serving of duck confit, which is very filling.

It was even more delicious than the douche bag ever made for me. The fries soak up the gravy and bite after bite was full of tasty duck confit. I ended up taking about half of it home. All of this food and only a buck more than our 3-piece starter? What’s with the pricing incongruity?

Glen couldn’t resist the duck either. However, he ordered the duck pappardelle. The pasta is house made and served up with caramelized onions. It is yummy and just about melts in your mouth.

Kozmo Gastro Pub is great for the neighborhood. It’s certainly got a trendy look and feel. A great date spot for those that want the Midtown feel without the hassle of driving to Midtown and a menu that definitely differentiates itself from all the chain restaurants that surround it.

11890 Douglas Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30005
678 526 6094

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