Lime Taqueria, Vinings, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner and Mexican on mind, I thought it would be a good idea to pay a return visit to Lime Taqueria in Vinings. It had been almost a full year since I visited Lime. Lime Taqueria is located in the West Village shopping center off of Atlanta Rd.

Lime Taqueria Restaurant

Lime Taqueria Restaurant

Visit #2 May 2008:
So, this past Friday night, with the threat of major thunderstorms on the way, Glen and I ventured out to Lime Taqueria. As anyone in Atlanta knows, the weather forecasters are more often wrong than right, so we requested outside seating. Getting one of the last tables outside, we sat enjoying the pleasant breeze and low humidity at Lime.

Not 5 minutes after placing our drink order we overhead our waitress, Renee, informing the table next to ours that a storm is headed straight for us. Glen and I decided we better grab a table inside and beat the rush of everyone else. Once inside Lime, the calm breeze turned into an angry breeze, and everyone scrambled to get inside.

The staff handled the transition of moving about 10 groups of people from the patio to their own tables indoors exceptionally well. I noticed every group was seated quickly and our server, Renee, was pleasant during the whole experience, never once looking frazzled. The staff at Lime Taqueria then focused on the task of closing umbrellas and clearing dishes from the patio. About 2 seconds after they closed it down, the downpour began.

I’m about to get to the food, but I had to mention the quality of the service as I found it outstanding the way the entire staff worked together to make sure the patio diners were transitioned indoors so efficiently. Glen and I weren’t in a mixed drink mood, so we just ordered 2 Dos Equis beers and at the same time placed our food order as well. Tip: the menu lists beers at $4 but we were only billed $3 each. I remembered how good the Mini Gorda (flour tortilla stuffed with beef, potatoes, onions and cilantro in a tomatillo sauce) were last time, so I ordered that for an appetizer again.

Lime Restaurant and Taqueria Mini Gorda

Lime Restaurant and Taqueria Mini Gorda

Less than 5 minutes later, our Mini Gorda came out, before our beer. And it was cold. I would have preferred my beer to come out quick and cold, not my appetizer. It was tasty and had good flavor it should just have been warmer. And, while I love the tomatillo sauce that the Mini Gorda is swimming in, it would be great if the appetizer came with chips so you could use them to eat some of that great sauce. Otherwise, the tomatillo sauce just goes to waste.

For our entrees, Glen ordered the Ahi Tuna which comes on a bed of jalapeno mashed potatoes. The rare Ahi Tuna with the heat of the mashed potatoes was an excellent flavor combination. Glen felt satisfied since last weekend we went to Bahama Breeze only to find our Ahi Tuna is not on the menu any longer.

Lime Taqueria Ahi Tuna

Lime Taqueria Ahi Tuna

I ordered the Puebla en Nogada – a poblano pepper stuffed with pork, almonds, fruits, onions and garlic all covered in a walnut cream sauce. Sounds pretty good, right? That’s what I thought too. And, the presentation is beautiful. I’ve never seen a poblano pepper that gigantic before. What I was expecting was a slightly sweet, creamy, peppery, garlicky, flavor. What I tasted was a lukewarm chicken salad. Honestly, that is exactly what it tasted like, with a strong celery flavor. The heat from the poblano pepper never came through so, it was heavy on the sweet taste with little other flavor to it. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed with the food at Lime that evening.

Lime Taqueria Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Lime Taqueria Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Now the service on the other hand, was exceptional. Our server Renee, did a spectacular job from adjusting all her tables from the patio to indoors and checking back with us to make sure we had everything we needed. Perhaps it is worth checking out Lime Taqueria at lunch as they have a completely different menu, not just smaller portions of dinner entrees. Menu items include sandwiches, enchiladas and quesadillas.

Also, the website lists their Friday night entertainment as live guitar featuring live jazz. That was not what we experienced; the singer was playing songs from Journey to Billy Joel and everything in between and was so loud we had to scream at each other just to be heard.

Visit #1 June 2008:

Don’t read this review…..

……….if you are expecting a review of a typical Mexican restaurant

……….if you are looking for an inexpensive meal

……….if you are looking for a casual eatery or a family style restaurant

Lime is none of these things. What it is is an upscale restaurant that has spared no expense when it comes to design and decor. It is evident in the colorful furnishings and the lime them throughout the entire restaurant. They have giant limes throughout the restaurant, limes are printed on the napkins in restrooms, even some of the dishes are lime-shaped.

It is is also a great place to go after work on nice day and sit outside and sip mojitos, cosmos or margaritas with friends. I went there on a recent Wednesday after work to meet a friend for drinks and dinner. They have drink specials of cosmopolitans for $6. As we are both Sex And The City fans we couldn’t pass this up. And I’m so happy I didn’t. They were outstanding! I had a buzz going on 3/4 of the way through my first drink. Any restaurant that isn’t stingy with the liquor gets big points in my book.

As far as the food, we both had to try the mini gordas which is like a huge dumpling if you can imagine it stuffed with shredded beef, potatoes, tomatillo sauce, and some amazing spices. Definitely the best thing we tried. As this was quite filling on its own, we each opted to try some tacos: mole, shrimp, chorizo, and chicken.

Had I known how small these would be I think I would have just gotten a salad or another mini gordas order. For the price $3-$5, I expected more. My shrimp taco had 1 shrimp in it and was $4.50. Not to mention the sauce just about set my mouth on fire. I would go back but probably just for drinks or if I had a gift certificate (click banner below).

Service was great. Very attentive but not overly annoying. Just the way I like it.

4600 W Village Pl
Ste 3007
Smyrna, GA 30080

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