Lunching at One Eared Stag, Inman Park, Atlanta, GA

I’ve found myself going out to a lot of lunches lately, one of the tastiest being at the One Eared Stag. One Eared Stag is the newish restaurant that took over the old Shaun’s space. This, being my first visit to One Eared Stag, I went with a seasoned patron, who’s explored lots on the dinner menu. I love going out to eat with my friend, Josh – he’s every bit as enthusiastic about eating as I am.

We started things off light with an order of Mussels with sofrito, Chickpea fries, Chicken liver spread, and Pork belly and Kimchee. Of course, that meant I needed to get a Kimchee Bloody Mary to compliment my Pork belly. And it was certainly a treat. I’m not really a chicken liver lover, but Josh is and he mopped it up. We both enjoyed the Pork belly with Kimchee immensely, served with lots of fresh lettuce, meant to be eaten like lettuce wraps.

The mussels were huge and I am always a sucker for any kind of yummy mussel broth. I liked that we ordered the Chickpea fries as it was a twist on Moules Frites. Dousing the fries in the mussel broth, they were like a sponge, absorbing the broth, and could only be eaten with a fork. While I liked it, it would have been nice if there was some sort of dipping sauce that accompanied the fries too. By themselves, they are quite bland.

For my entree I settled on the Trout wrapped in bacon with a salsa verde sauce in the center. What a great combo those flavors add up to. It was served with an almond salad. It was delicious. So was Josh’s Crab Roll. Light on mayo, and with such a beautiful presentation, it was almost a shame to dig in.

At the time of this post, the website doesn’t have much information, not even a sample menu. Hopefully they’ll change that soon. The menu does change very frequently – weekly, if I’m not mistaken, to keep up with what is in season and what is available from local farmers. So, you’ll need to go often to taste the variety of what’s available. I know I’m interested to return for dinner and sample that menu.

1029 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta GA 30307
(404) 525-4479

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