P.F. Chang’s Triple Happiness Happy Hour

P.F. Chang’s just introduced their Triple Happiness Happy Hour which includes cocktails, Dim Sum and Street Fare. The menu is available daily from 3pm to 6pm and nothing is over $6, including food and cocktails**. I was invited by P.F. Chang’s to sample some of their new offerings that are available during Happy Hour.

While you can certainly find items like Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls and P.F. Chang’s famous Lettuce Wraps, I was pleased they treated us to some more of the unique items offered on this menu. We started with the Tuna Tataki Crisp – Ahi Tuna served on a crispy Wonton in a citrus-sesame soy sauce. I’m always a sucker for Ahi Tuna and at under five bucks this is a deal.

Next we sampled two different types of dumplings: the Shanghai Street Dumplings filled with chicken and the Pork and Rice steamed dumplings (pictured above right). I wouldn’t be able to choose one over the other, both were tasty and nicely flavored, although next time I’ll ask for a side of the sriracha sauce to add more of a kick. The Coconut Lemon Sour paired with the dumplings was my favorite of all the cocktails we sampled, made with coconut water, coconut vodka an pure cane sugar it was light and totally refreshing.

If you are really craving heat, then you’ll definitely love the Flaming Red Wontons ($5). These pork-filled wontons are one of the most substantial items on the menu with six per order. And yes, that is pretty star anise inside the gin cocktail above.

Lastly, we were treated to a sampling of their Asian Street Tacos. We sampled Korean beef, spicy shrimp and braised pork. Overall, my favorite was the pork. They do have a Mahi-Mahi one as well, which I’m looking forward to trying on a return visit. As they are supposed to be like “street food” these tacos are small, but they were chock full of ingredients and they didn’t skimp on the proteins either. And the Dark & Spicy cocktail that they were paired with? Fresh and delicious!

As a foodie, normally I wouldn’t gravitate toward a chain restaurant or be particularly inspired to write about one, but this is a little different. The cocktails have quality ingredients like house made ginger beer, coconut water and Yuzu Puree. Much of the food is a sampling of tasty fare you won’t find at an “Americanized” Chinese restaurant.

And best of all, the pricing is easy on the wallet. A couple could enjoy a cocktail a piece and numerous menu items for just over $30. It is nice that the menu is available EVERYDAY, so you could totally have a lazy weekend afternoon. Enjoy a leisurely meal at P.F. Chang’s and mozy over to a nearby movie theatre and catch a matinee. I know that game plan is in my near future. Here’s the link if you’d like to find out more about the P.F. Chang’s Triple Happiness Happy Hour: http://pfchangshappyhour.com.

**Note: If you visit the Cobb location, the drinks will be regular price (around $9). This is because Cobb County law doesn’t allow restaurants to discount liquor we were told when we visited that P.F. Chang’s location. Stupid Cobb County.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro on Urbanspoon
P.F. Chang's China Bistro on UrbanspoonP.F. Chang's China Bistro on UrbanspoonP.F. Chang's China Bistro (Vinings) on Urbanspoon

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