Park’s Edge, Inman Park, Atlanta Gets Ramsay-fied

I’d been to Park’s Edge Restaurant in Inman Park only once. For Brunch. It was pretty phenomenal and the line of people out the door waiting for a table was a pretty good indicator the secret about this out of the way restaurant was out. Given that, I was pretty shocked to hear that Park’s Edge would be featured on Gordon Ramsay’s show, Kitchen Nightmares. To be fair, I’d never patronized Park’s Edge at dinner, which is the part of the menu that got the revamping.

After their recent makeover a la Gordon Ramsay, Park’s Edge invited me to come in and see their new digs and sample the menu. I kind of wish I’d sampled the pre-Ramsayfied menu so I had a frame of reference. Nevertheless, it was nice to experience a restaurant that’s been Ramsayfied. Promise, that’s the last time I’ll use that word.

As I said, I’d only visited at Brunch previously. It was a my birthday brunch so, I indulged in the Peaches and Cream French Toast as an appetizer with my main being the Smoked Salmon Benedict topped with lump crab. It was absolutely delicious as was the Bloody Mary that accompanied it. Tasty, hearty and completely satisfying, I couldn’t have asked for more.

For dinner, I was a bit disappointed the long time menu resident, the Tuna Crudo appetizer had been axed by Ramsay. Not to worry, as there were many other enticing options to choose from. For starters, we tried the dip with Ricotta and Goat cheese served with vegetable root chips. What a rich flavor made only better with the char on top of the dish. Another winner was the Scallops with bacon. Scallops were cooked flawlessly. So far, so good.

For mains, I’m a lamb lover and couldn’t resist ordering the Rack of Lamb. I ordered my pieces cooked medium and they were delivered as requested, albeit with a bit of unrequested char on the outside. The braised red cabbage served along side the dish was an unexpected but standout side. Mr. ARB chose the better of the dishes, the Pork Chop. Simple, yet extremely tasty. I saw that there was Lobster Mac N Cheese on the menu and, being the glutton I am, decided to get a small sample of that as well. Lobster and Mac n Cheese are two things I love, so I would have expected to love this dish, but the mac n cheese was pretty forgettable. Though I did mop of up every piece of succulent Lobster meat.

So, what’s the verdict? Did Ramsay change Park’s Edge for the better? I’m not sure they ever had a problem with service, maybe they needed an updated menu? Or a more scaled down one. He certainly did spruce of their image (both the restaurant decor and reputation). I also think Ramsay helped shed light on a restaurant that may have gotten lost with all the new restaurants popping up in the the hood. Stay tuned for my Q and A with Chef Jorge and Owner Richard. Post coming soon.

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Atlanta, GA 30307
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