P’Cheen, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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P’Cheen International Bistro is located in the VA-Hi / Old 4th Ward area. I’d been there years ago on a date night, after attending Martinis and Imax. We decided to take advantage of a recent Scoutmob deal and visit P’Cheen once again. This time we were headed to to a Thrashers game post dinner.

It worked out perfectly with the game being the day after Thanksgiving. We sailed down I-75 to get to dinner by 6 pm. The game started at 7:30 so we figured this gave us plenty of time to eat and get to Philips Arena as it was only a couple miles away.

We ordered some small plates to start – Thai Mussels, fries, and the “Just Trust Us” plate. What is the Just Trust Us” plate, you ask? Basically, for 8 bucks you let the chef’s imagination run wild. He’ll fix you up a plate of something amazing, guaranteed. Our server said some people come in and order 2 or 3 in a night. So, how could we pass this up?

Our Just Trust Us was a pork tostada. And, yes, it was amazing. The pork was tender and the herbs fresh. The jalapenos added a generous amount of heat, while the sour cream cooled things off a bit. Our mussels had that distinct Thai coconut / lemongrass flavoring to them. And the crispy fries were wonderful. I loved the three dipping sauces we were given: Barbecue, Sweet Thai and regular ketchup.

All this was pretty filling as you can imagine, so we only ordered a single entree: the chicken curry. At this point, I was wondering if the chef would be able to master Indian food as well, as the Mexican and Thai turned out very well. He did it again. The curry was very typical of what I would expect to find at an Indian restaurant.

Our appetizers had taken longer than I had expected to come out and this delayed us a bit, so we declined dessert and told our server we were trying to make it to a game. For whatever reason, my mobile app was not working very well. If you use Scoutmob, you know you must pull up the deal and some restaurants won’t take half off until they see that the deal has indeed been marked as used. It was at this point service went completely downhill.

Now, I don’t know if it is my crap phone or the fact that the building doesn’t get good reception, or a combination of both, but for whatever reason nothing would happen when I clicked on the “USE DEAL” icon. Our server suggested I go stand outside (yeah – just want I want to do in freezing weather!) as the building doesn’t get good reception. Didn’t help. I tried everything turning the phone on and off and nothing would work. I asked our server to just give us the discount since that is why we came there. He refused, saying “You could come here and use it again!” I was ready to pay the bill in full, but the third time was a charm and I tracked down our server (he was completely avoiding our table by this point) and showed him the deal.

Aaaannnnd, we were on our way, finally! Of course this delay caused us to miss the entire first period of the hockey game, of which there are only three. Bummer, as I only go to like one hockey game a year I was really looking forward to it. On the bright side – we were so late to Philips Arena, there was no one manning the parking deck and we scored free parking. When does that ever happen downtown?

I really like the atmosphere of P’Cheen. It has a cool design but is still pretty laid back. Staff, for the most part is friendly, as long as your Scoutmob deal works. The food is truly outstanding. I love that the chef is able to really capture the cuisine of all the regions they choose to represent and it isn’t just a matter of American food being spiked with International spices. They truly “bring it” when cooking these dishes. I’d definitely recommend a visit, just don’t expect them to bend the rules if technology isn’t cooperating.

701 Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
404 529 8800

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