Perrine’s Wine Opens in Atlanta, GA

I was invited to check out the opening of Perrine’s Wine, located in Midtown off of Howell Mill Rd in the Westside Provisions District. Confession: I don’t know much about wine. And heading to the opening of a wine shop who’s owner is French seemed a little intimidating. But once I met Perrine of Perrine’s Wine Shop, she totally put me at ease with her friendly attitude and approachable dimeanor

Stepping inside Perrine’s Wine Shop, I immediately noticed the trendy look of the place but it was still welcoming, not intimidating as were my expectations. Perrine greeted me and offered me some champagne to taste as I walked around and perused the wine selection. I’d love to tell you how some of the other wines tasted, but we only sampled champagne that day, along with a selection of some meats and cheeses.

The store’s setup is smallish (but really how big does a wine shop need to be?) with a rectangular shape. Entrances are on the front and back sides of the shop, while wines line the two opposing walls. A long, narrow table is in the middle of the store, which compliments the concrete floors. There is a small refrigerator in one corner with a selections of cheeses and in another corner is an all-natural skin care section that contain grape extracts.

The wines are divided as one would expect between whites and reds, and further between medium and full-bodied. Again, not knowing much about wine, I usually find a type I like and stick with it. I really like Shiraz but have begun to like Cote du Rhone quite well too. So when one of my fellow bloggers asked Perrine about recommendations on a Cote du Rhone, my ears perked up.

Perrine navigated over to the section with this wine and pointed out one she really liked. And, to my surprise it was rather inexpensive, in fact, the most inexpensive Cote du Rhone she carried, only $14. She showed us some others of that varietal, even an organic one. But I ended up buying the first one she pointed out.

Perrine’s Wine shop is a cute addition to the Westside Provisions District. And Perrine herself is not only a sweetheart, but really knows her stuff! As she was giving me the rundown on Cote du Rhone and the region it comes from, I felt like I should have been taking notes. But instead I took it all in, and decided I’d give her recommendation a try.

1168 Howell Mill Road
Sutie B
Atlanta, Ga 30318
404 254 5077

Extras: Perrine is also an expert at food and wine pairings!

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