Presto Colombian Bakery / Restaurant, Marietta, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Presto Columbian Bakery

Presto Colombian Bakery

Tucked away in a strip mall near Sidelines, you would never know the Colombian Bakery had such delicious meals. Glen turned me on to the Colombian Bakery after his co-worker took him there. While the restaurant is geared towards a Spanish speaking crowd (menus are in Spanish with English descriptions in parantheses), the staff really does do their best to accommodate non-Spanish speaking customers.

I’ve now been to the Colombian Bakery a handful of times. After ordering off the regular menu and the lunch special of the day, your better value is the lunch special. I love it when they have the whole fried fish (head, tail and everything). It is real deal at $6.99.

Colombian Bakery Empanadas

Colombian Bakery Empanadas

My most recent visit was with a group of 4. To begin we had the beef empanadas. Delivered quickly to our table, these crispy snacks were perfect in size, whetting our appetites but not leaving us too completely full to enjoy the feast that was to come. And the cilantro sauce that comes with it ads a pleasant degree of spiciness. If you can handle a little heat, don’t miss out on this.

While there was somewhat of a language barrier in the beginning, I think I’ve learned enough about ordering here that I can get by. Just know that the specials come with a choice of soup and either potatoes or maduros (sweet plantains).

Colombian Bakery Fish Soup

Colombian Bakery Fish Soup

On my visit the soup was either chicken or fish soup. Fish soup = fish, shrimp and squid. Even though I was going to have fish for my meal, I still ordered the fish soup. And while I enjoyed it immensely, it would be nice if salad was an option as soup isn’t always my first choice on a hot day.

Colombian Bakery Whole Fried Fish

Colombian Bakery Whole Fried Fish

I’ve now had the whole fried fish twice and highly recommend it, although you’ll have to work for your food. By work, I mean separating the meant from the bones. As you can see form the picture above, you really do get the entire fish. head to tail complete with eyeball, which I ate swallowed on my most recent visit. While it seems like a huge portion of food, once you really start cutting into it you’ll see it isn’t nearly as much “meat” as it appears. Start in the back, dig in with your fork and go to work.

Colombian Bakery Chicken

Colombian Bakery Chicken

The other daily special was chicken. I almost never order chicken when I go out to eat as it usually seems rather boring, but I did have a taste of the chicken at Presto and it was tender and juicy. Surprisingly it wasn’t spicy as I had suspected it might be.

If you want to get a true sampling of Colombian food order the Bandeja Paisa. At $11.50, it is well worth its price. The huge plate consists of a chorizo link, grilled beef, fried pork skin, fried sweet plantains, one corn cake, red beans and rice, an avocado half and a fried egg. Whew! Got all that?

Another one of my favorites is the Arroz Con Camarones (Shrimp and Rice). The huge portion of rice has lots of carrots and peas and has a rich tomato, onion and garlic flavor. And they don’t skimp on the shrimp. There are about 10 – 12 medium sized shrimp included. Definitely enough for 2 to share.

Extras: They have unique fruit drinks worth trying. Think Mango, Papaya and other tropical flavors. I assume they come in concentrate as they are offered mixed with your choice of water or milk. My favorite is the Guayaba, sweet but not too sweet, very refreshing on a hot summer day.

1392 B. Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062
770 973 2196

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