Puleo’s Grille, Knoxville, TN

Last month, I attended a family reunion in Tennessee. Although I have a large family scattered throughout much of the United States and Canada, there are lots living in our neighbor to the north. So, it seems fitting that for a family reunion we gather there. It is about a four hour drive up to their neck of the woods in Tennessee. On one leg of the trip, we stumbled upon Puleo’s Grille, and decided to break up our drive and have a meal at Puleo’s.

Puleo’s Restaurant image courtesy of Puleo’s Website

Puleo’s is somewhat close to the Dollywood exit and it seems you are pretty much relegated to fast food along many of the stops along this stretch of interstate. So, we were pleased to stop here and avoid truck stop favorite, Chester’s Chicken. The restaurant, with six locations based in the greater Knoxville area, has been open for nearly ten years. For some reason I had it in my mind that this was Mexican, but the sign outside indicates it’s a hodge podge of Italian and Southern along with steaks and seafood thrown in.

I wasn’t expecting much out of the restaurant, which I had assumed was a notch better than Applebee’s, but I was pleasantly surprised. To start we had the vegetable spring rolls. They were crispy and served with two sauces: a sweet and sour sauce and a clear-out-your-sinuses spicy mustard. Accompanied by some tasty noodles, you could make a light entree out of it. Had I paid closer attention to the menu, I’d have also insisted on the Fried Green Tomatoes appetizer as well. It comes with Tasso ham, country gravy and is served on cheese grits. Not healthy in any way but certainly sounds delish and a must next time I find myself in Knoxville.

Their special of the day was Scallops served over Polenta. Normally, I would have jumped at that, but it was cold and rainy and I just had a hankering for something that would warm me up. So, I got the Chicken Tortilla soup and Lasagna, both tasty and didn’t disappoint. My dad enjoyed his Fish and Chips. For a side, he had the coleslaw and it was nice that it was sans any mayonnaise with just a light amount of dressing. Another stand out side were the Kale Greens that came with Mr. ARB’s pork chop. While it may not blow your mind, Puleo’s Grille is certainly a nice alternative to the other junk that is available in the area.

7224 Region Ln
Knoxville, TN 37914
865 673 9101
Puleos Grille Website

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