RA Sushi, Midtown, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Located just down the street from Twisted Taco and Leopard Lounge, RA Sushi is a newcomer to the buegoning Atlanta restaurant scene, located next to Ri Ra Irish Pub. But RA has locations around the country. Newly opened RA Sushi invited me to come and sample their menu last month.

I headed out to RA on a Tuesday evening in July. Upon entering, I was amazed at how hopping RA was on a Tuesday evening. I absolutely adored the outside couches and tables, as they are perfect for lounging. I would have opted to sit out there had it not been for the looming threat of rain.

I was equally surprised by the beautiful people at RA. They seem to pride themselves on having gorgeous waitstaff. After my meal, Nicole, the manger, walked me around the restaurant. She also pointed out that all the pictures of women on the wall are not models, but servers at various RA restaurants around the country.

RA Sushi Ra\'Ckin Shrimp and Calamari Tempura

RA Sushi Ra'Ckin Shrimp and Calamari Tempura

Starting off with a couple appetizers, I ordered the Calamari Tempura, Ra’ckin Shrimp and the Pork Gyoza. All were excellent choices. The Pork Gyoza, or pot stickers, had a great flavor and texture, while the Ra’ckin Shrimp, served with a ginger teriyaki dipping sauce was cooked perfectly with a light breading. But the biggest surprise of all was the calamari. I was expecting the rings like you pretty much get everywhere else, but these were thick pieces of calamari steak. It was dusted with a peppery powder and served with a soy dipping sauce. But it didn’t need either of those – it was fully capable of standing on its own.

RA Sushi Viva Las Vegas Roll

RA Sushi Viva Las Vegas Roll

So far, I had my socks knocked off with the appetizers, so what could follow up such a great meal? All around me, I kept seeing the same type of roll being delivered to table after table. It had a thick orange sauce of top with a cracker-like object set atop it. After inquiring, I found out it is called the Viva Las Vegas roll and comes with tuna and crab with eel sauce, it is topped with a cream cheese mixture and spinach flakes. One of those were ordered along with the Tunacado – Tuna and Avacado, of course, served up with some ponzu dipping sauce.

RA Tunacado

RA Tunacado

The Tunacado was extremely fresh and the perfect mouthful was a bite of tuna, a bite of avacado and a dip in the ponzu sauce. Now the Viva Las Vegas roll was tasty too, although I still have yet to truly master the art of eating with chopsticks. These are pretty large and very difficult to eat in one bite. And, while I did think it was tasty, I also didn’t taste much fish. I think many of the rolls are similar with lots of heavy sauces and tempura flakes. Something sushi purists may not go for.

RA Fried Ice Cream

RA Fried Ice Cream

After 3 appetizers and 2 meals, you would think we refused dessert, right? I really should have but I couldn’t resist having the fried ice cream. This comes in four sticks with chocolate and raspberry sauce drizzles on top. It was delish, definitely a sharing dessert.

The bottom line is that RA Sushi is a gorgeous space with a hot staff and a killer patio. Is RA Sushi going to be the next great sushi destination in Atlanta? Not sure. Does it provide fresh, decent food in a pretty atmosphere? Absolutely. And I am looking forward to hanging on the patio of RA on a fall evening with my gang.

Extras: Half off select sushi appetizers from 3 to 7 Monday through Saturday. Beer, Wine and Cocktail specials all day Monday through Saturday $3-$4 each.
I had a couple mixed drinks during the meal but think the Chang (Thai) beer pairs better with the food than cocktails.

RA Sushi
1080 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA
404 267 0114

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6 thoughts on “RA Sushi, Midtown, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

  1. Melissa Barnes

    After reading about RA on your blog i went over with some friends! The Tunacado really was as refreshing as you said. I’m a sucker for avacado and this meal was the perfect combination of flavors and textures. My server also suggested this new drink they had called strawberry soju sunrise. You should go back and try it! It’s really delicious!

  2. Malika Bowling Post author

    Hi Melissa,

    So glad you liked it! Did you happen to try the Hot Mess or their version of “chips and salsa”? Both are new dishes (within the last couple months) that I tried and liked as well.

    I will definitely need to try that drink. I can’t wait until it gets a little warmer and I can sit on their patio 🙂

    Thanks for your comments

  3. Savannah C.

    I have heard many great things about RA sushi, and when I went there last week I was not disappointed. There was a fun vibe and the service was phenomenal. Everything I tasted was great, and after visiting this blog before I went, I tried the Strawberry Soju Sunrise… delicious! Thanks Melissa!

    If your a sushi fan, I highly recommend visiting.

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