Seasons 52 Fall Menu

As you are probably aware, one of the things Seasons 52 is known for is their low calorie menu. All plates are 475 calories or less. Many regulars are business travelers who know they can count on Seasons 52 for consistently good food while watching their diet. But to me, the wines available, known as the “Try Them Before They’re Famous” selected by wine sommelier George Miliotes, are just as good a reason to visit Seasons 52.

A few of the wines we sampled during the fall menu preview were:
Vista Hills Pinot Grigio-Orange Wine (Willamette Valley, Oregon)
Faarrier Andiron Semillon (Alexander)
Avanthia Godello (Valdeorras, Spain)
Glenelly Cabernet Sauvignon (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

I’m a hummus fanatic and I love the addition of the double hummus appetizer: traditional and mint edamame. For main courses, kicking things off were the Cider-Glazed Chicken Skewers. These had an apple slaw and cranberries in the mix as well as the glaze which was a mix of mustard, balsamic and pepper with cider.

I would never opt for a salad as an entree. To start the meal? Sure. But never an entree. But I was so impressed with the Duck Salad, I might have to rethink that. The epitome of fall, with apples, cranberries, butternut squash, and toasted pecans in this salad, I highly recommend it. And one thing I love about Seasons 52 is that presentation is never overlooked. There’s such attention to detail. The salad is served in a plastic cylinder that sits atop the plate. When it is placed in front of the guest, servers swirl it around the enhance the presentation.

Once again we were lucky to sample the Piedmontese Steak. This is a much leaner cut of beef than other cows. But so delicious. This New York Strip cut that we had is consistently so full of flavor, I’m always amazed that there are less than 475 calories in this dish each time I have it.

The last dish of the evening to sample was the quail. If you’ve had quail before and weren’t a fan, you should try it at Seasons 52. They buy all their quail is from one particular farmer who produces 11,000 a week for Seasons 52. Not only are there several quails on the entree but they are quite meaty. And the risotto is well done too.

Always sure to save a small spot for a mini indulgence, I thoroughly enjoyed the seasonal dessert, a Pumpkin Pie.

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