Serpas, Inman Park, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Serpas Restaurant opened in January 2009 in a nondescript area in Inman Park / Old Fourth Ward area of Atlanta. Not only is the area Serpas chose a little sketchy, but what a difficult time to open up a pricey restaurant amid such tough economic times. So far, Serpas has been able to sustain itself.

So on a warm fall evening, (yes this post is rather old now) I checked it out with three others. We easily snagged a spot in front of Serpas as it was only a Tuesday evening. But I can imagine these spots are hard to come by on a weekend. One in our group is a consultant and used to eating really well while in Atlanta on business, so I didn’t want to disappoint.

After being greeted by a friendly hostess, we were taken to our table near the window. Overlooking the open spots, we definitely got a few laughs in watching some attempt to parallel park. I shouldn’t joke, I couldn’t parallel park if my life depended on it.

There were so many items on the appetizer side that caught my eye: Eggplant Hush Puppies, Texas crab toast, Calamari, Duck spring rolls….but we settled on two items; Calamari and the Duck spring rolls. The portions were pretty small and I wished we had ordered just one more appetizer.

Although the presentation was pretty, ultimately, I thought the appetizers were a little disappointing. The Duck rolls came in four shot-glass size pieces. The amount of duck used must be pretty sparse because I barely tasted any. And the calamari was even more sad. The word wimpy comes to mind. They must have used the thinnest calamari pieces known to man. It was so limp and, well, just sad looking. Not only that, but the large amount green peppers, etc used to augment the lack of actual calamari was pathetic.

I had higher hopes for our entrees and luckily, Serpas did come through. I flirted with ordering the duck breast but when I saw that it came with ricotta dumplings I had flashbacks to my terrible meal at JCT Kitchen and thought better of it. Our four dishes were Scallops with spaghetti squash, Flounder, Trout, and the Airline Chicken (stuffed with spinach and goat cheese). The two fish entrees were tasty, although I enjoyed the trout slightly more than the Flounder.

While I liked the Flounder, I wasn’t blown away by the fried piece of fish, but the creamy grits that it was on top of sure did. I’d love to have those with some shrimp in them. The Trout (not fried) on the other hand, was incredibly delicious. Wish I could dissect the sauce it was in.

I loved my scallops in panang curry sauce. It was slightly spicy but seemed to remain American with an Asian twang. And although the 3 scallops weren’t huge, those along with the spaghetti squash ended up being very filling. I didn’t taste the chicken, but my consultant friend cleaned his huge plate, so he must’ve liked his choice.

Like the apps, dessert was less than impressive. Ordering two items: the Beignets and the fried apple pie, I was expecting more. More dessert and more flavor. The Beignets were heavy on the powdered sugar and low on flavor. The fried apple pie reminded me of what you get at Mickey D’s for $0.50, only drizzled with caramel sauce and served on a plate instead of inside a cardboard box.

So, skip the apps and desserts and go for the main courses at Serpas. This is clearly where the stars of the menu are and where you’ll get the most for your money.

Serpas True Food
659 Auburn Ave. #501
Atlanta, GA 30312
404 688 0040

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