Shaun’s Restaurant to Close on December 18

Shaun’s restaurant, located in Inman Park is slated to close on December 18th. Since opening Shaun’s four years ago, Shaun Doty has opened up Yeah! Burger in West Midtown and even expanded to another location of Yeah! Burger in the Virginia Highland neighborhood.

I visited Shaun’s last month (late to the game, I know) and thought it was so-so. It was such a lovely evening, and even though rain was imminent, Glen and I chose patio dining. Glen was adjusting his chair when one of the legs fell into a hole on the patio, nearly toppling him out of his seat. Then, we were quickly driven inside, not by the rain, which came shortly after, but the horrendous stench coming from the garbage just beyond the patio. I suspect this is a regular problem, and we weren’t the only ones bothered by it.

Drinks were fair, although nothing that original or that stood out in any way. We’d have been better off to simply have stuck with wine.

I must say, they handled getting us to a table rather quickly, as it was a busy Saturday night. We chose to start with the Sardinian Flatbread and Pork Belly Buns. Having had the Flatbread at Top FLR this one seemed rather disappointing. And the Pork Belly buns pale in comparison to those that I had at Miso Izakaya. The bread wasn’t as soft and the meat component was much less.

By this point neither of us were thrilled at the entree options, and even more weary about spending the $$, when everything we’d had so far was mediocre, but certainly not worth the $12 per appetizer price point. We split the fish, which was a large portion and by far the best thing we’d had all evening. It was cooked and spiced just right. We left less than thrilled with the meal we’d had, even though the service was decent.

If you want to check out Shaun’s before they close, you have just under 8 weeks, as the last night of service will be December 18th. The press release states the closing date to be Sunday, but 12/18 is a Saturday. So, I’d catch Shaun’s before the Sunday to be on the safe side. After that, head over the Yeah! Burger for a Shaun Doty fix.

Here’s the press release from Melissa Libby and Associates:

Oct. 20, 2010 – Shaun Doty announced today that he is closing his four-year-old Shaun’s Restaurant after dinner on Sunday, Dec. 18. Doty plans to concentrate his time on the Yeah! Burger restaurants he and partner Erik Maier have opened in Atlanta.

“This was a hard decision in many ways,” Doty said. “But I believe it is better to focus my energy right now.”

“Yeah! Burger really speaks to my passion at this point in my life,” said Doty, the father of two sons, 7 and 11 months. “I like that it’s a place I can take my family and feel good about eating there. It has taken all the principles of the food at Shaun’s – fresh, quality ingredients purchased from people I know – and made it affordable,” he added.

Shaun’s will remain open with regular hours until the closing date. Doty does not rule out starting another fine dining restaurant or re-opening in the future.

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