Sheik Burritos and Kabobs, Midtown, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Sheik, (pronounced sheek) Burritos and Kabobs has been open about a year, located off Piedmont Rd in the Buckhead-Midtown area. Sheik Burritos and Kabobs is the marriage of the middle-east and south-west. Creative Loafing doesn’t have a best restaurant logo category, or best mural category, do they? Sheik would totally get my vote. It seemed there was a stir about it when they first opened – something other than a pizza or burger joint or another chain burrito place? Yippie!

And even though I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit, I always kept Sheik Burritos and Kabobs on my “must try” list. So, I was a delighted when co-owner, Matt Floto invited me to check out Sheik Burritos and Kabobs recently.

Besides the obvious Burritos and Kabobs as the name suggests, Sheik offers 6 different kinds of dip and chip starters, soups and salads. Sheik generously gave us a sampling of all he dips and sauces to start. And they’re not all Middle Eastern – salsa and guacamole are on the menu for those who want it. And even if you don’t, you should get the guacamole, it’s pretty damn good.

The hummus, another item most will be familiar with, is another can’t miss starter. It was so tasty, I didn’t want to stop eating it. Served up with pita triangles, we had them leave it there the entire time we were eating so we could still nibble on it. Just don’t order it if you plan to make out with anyone…err…come within 10 feet of anyone in the near future -its loaded with garlic.

Sheik Burritos and Kabobs also offers two different kinds of Eggplant dips, one is called Chic Dip (a blend of Eggplant, cheese and herbs – all things I luv!) and the other Chicote Dip. The latter is a spiced up version of the Chic dip, which I expected to enjoy more, but I preferred the Chic dip, as the Chicote was more olivy tasting.

For vegetarians, salads are available – Caesar, Sheik’s salad with raisins, pistachios, mint and apples – yum, or Red Spinach with beets, feta and an avocado-ginger dressing. Keep in mind the same salad ingredients are used in burritos. For meat-lovers, you can get the Kabobs with any variety of meet you crave – chicken, grass-fed beef, pork or lamb.

But if you really want the full Sheik experience, you gotta order a burrito. You can build your own by selecting the type of bread – persian flat bread, or flour/ wheat tortilla, meat, sauce and salad. Yep, you’ll get all that wrapped up in your burrito. Of course, they also have recommended combos like the La Camelback, El Bandido-Border Patrol, or my favorite, La Dirka-Dirka made with lamb (that’s it pictured below, several bites into it) spicy sauce with tomatoes and eggplants, basmati rice, beets, feta, spinach and more.

We also sampled the El Kosher-Halal, with Bershire pork and the La Camelback. Each had their own unique flavor, but were all extremely delicious. Glen had the Bershire pork with raisins, pistachios, mint, apples, eggplant and lentils. I’ll admit, after his first bite, he thought the flavor combo was a bit odd, but after a couple more bites, he was totally digging the unique ingredients used.

I love that Sheik Burritos buys local, quality and organic (when possible) meats and produce. And all sauces and salads are made in-house not like those other burrito joints that have a lot of their sauces pre-made somewhere else with lots of additives. Dips are around $4, salads around $5 and most burritos are under $10.

Again, I can’t stress enough the quality of the food at Sheik Burritos and Kabobs. Their mostly organic menu is also primarily Gluten Free. There’s just no comparison to the other cookie-cutter burrito chains all over Atlanta. You could never get a sauce made with walnuts, pomegranate and carrots at Willy’s or Moe’s. Some may want to compare Sheik Burritos and Kabobs to such places on price alone, but then you really aren’t comparing apples to apples. It’s more like comparing beets to black beans.

1877 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30324
404 815 0227

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Extras: Sheik sells Beer, Wine and Cocktails. Beer and Burrito daily specials for 10 bucks. All prices include tax.

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