Social Vinings, Atlanta, GA First Impressions

Social Vinings, located in the newly developed mixed use area off of Paces Ferry, aims to a mix of everything – small plates, sushi and entrees. Social Vinings also throws in a clubby atmosphere for good measure. Sadly, my drink and starters were so disappointing, I couldn’t get past them to move on to sushi or even dessert, even though I had heard the fried oreo cookies were divine.

Social Vinings does have an intriguing list of martinis. I had settled on the PEARfect martini, but out server told us about a Rubytini which she said is the most popular with Peach Schnapps and grapefruit juice. I changed my mind, and regretted that choice after a couple sips of the drink. Definitely not smooth, it tasted more like medicine than anything else.

My friend Amy and I started out with sliders. Hers – bbq pork, mine -Wagyu beef with bacon onion marmalade dressing. Amy only ate one slider and don’t think she was too impressed, but was too nice to complain since I had picked the restaurant for our Girls Night Out / belated birthday celebration. My beef sliders tasted like a notch above a Krystal burger, except Social was more generous with the onions. I did like the sweet potato fries that I ordered, especially with the bacon-cheese-jalapeno sauce for dipping.

We also ordered some shrimp fritters to share. I think these were the most disappointing of everything we ordered. The outside of the fritter tasted like it had been burnt and the inside was rubbery. I wanted to try to some sushi to give Social Vinings a chance at winning me over, but Amy just wasn’t feeling it, so we got our check and left.

On our way out, walking though the bar area, the clubby atmosphere caught us by surprise. I’d love to go back and try their sushi or a regular entree at some point, but not anytime soon…

3621 Vinings Slope SE Ste 4110
Atlanta, GA 30339
404 432 9772

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