Souper Jenny’s $15 Lobster Rolls, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

Souper Jenny is the popular Buckhead lunch spot located off East Andrews. Amy and I decided to meet up for lunch recently and she was anxious to try Souper Jenny’s Lobster Roll. Souper Jenny is closed for the month of August, but they serve the Lobster Rolls out of their food truck in the parking lot just outside of the restaurant on Mondays and Fridays beginning at 11 am.

Amy heard lines can be long and they do run out quickly (sometimes within 90 minutes), so she suggested we arrive promptly at 11 to ensure we don’t miss out. Even at 11 there were about four people ahead of us. We didn’t have to wait too terribly long for our sandwich, though.

Souper Jenny’s Lobster Roll comes with a bag of chips and you can add lemonade or ice tea (there’s a table with drinks, napkins, forks, adjacent to the truck) to your order for a buck. Since the restaurant isn’t open, you can either choose to take your sandwich and go or sit at one of the tables outside. Most took their food to go as it is quite unpleasant to sit outside in the middle of summer in Atlanta. Tip: if taking your Lobster Roll to go ask for them to pack the hoagie separately from the lobster meat, otherwise the sandwich will be completely soggy by the time you are ready to eat it.

The Lobster Roll is huge and quite filling, chock full of lobster meat with none of that extra filler crap. I wasn’t hungry again for another ten hours. It was tasty (albeit pricey) and we all devoured our sandwiches in no time. Looks like you still have time to get your Lobster Roll fix in as they’ll still be serving them today, Friday, the 26th and Monday, the 29th of August.

56 East Andrews
Atlanta, GA 30305
Twitter @SouperJenny

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2 thoughts on “Souper Jenny’s $15 Lobster Rolls, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

  1. Clifflbullock

         Going to lunch in a large office setting can usually entails few choices. Go get grub at the company sponsored on-site café, brown bag, order in, go get take out, or eat out at a restaurant. Is there another alternative? Yes there is.
         A small company in Baton Rouge called Major Menus has combined ordering in with going out. It’s stupid simple. An employee gets and e-mail at eight in the morning telling him what restaurant is assigned to that office for lunch that day. Included in the e-mail is a link to Major Menus. The employee logs into his city and uses his company login to enter. The employee then uses his personal password and continues to a menu from that day’s restaurant. He then places his order and pays with a credit card. The food arrives tagged and bagged with his name on it to a central delivery point in his building. It’s like having the restaurant pull up in the parking lot!
         So what’s the catch? Nothing really since the service is free, the delivery is free, and the food costs the same as it would in the restaurant. It just takes a large enough office to support the free deliveries. Usually one hundred and fifty or more people work’s great.
         Companies doll out excuses as to why this will not work for them. They want to protect the on-site café (which could become a Major Menus restaurant); they are afraid to allow the e-mails (which is ridicules) or have catering services in contract form that prohibits outside delivery (fascism).
         The truth is Major Menus is up and running in Baton Rouge and Nashville. It’s very successful and growing. The next expected city should be Atlanta. So do lunch with the Major if you can!

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