Spoon Restaurant, Westside, Atlanta, GA

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I trekked out to Spoon recently and met up with a friend for lunch. This small restaurant does a bustling lunch crowd. Or was is the Scoutmob? My guess is that there is a big lunch crowd due to the fact that they have very tasty food at reasonable prices. Lunches are only around eight bucks. There was a wait for a table when I visited and it did take some time to get our food. So be prepared that this isn’t the spot to hit up if you’ve got to stick to a one hour lunch.

We started things off with the scallop special. An appetizer of seven scallops, they were perfectly prepared with a slight kick but not too hot and spicy. The cilantro on top was the perfect finish to them. It was a lovely start to our meal. Luckily, neither one of us was in a hurry as we wouldn’t have had much time to eat as our meals took quite a while to come out. This is kind of surprising as Spoon has somewhat of a limited menu at lunch, so it would seem they would be able to churn out meals much quicker than what I experienced.

Not having had anything spicy in quite a while, I opted for the green curry (hot). Note that your choices are medium, hot or Thai hot. I found the heat level to be just fine. However, I took my leftovers to Mr. ARB who promptly broke out into a sweat as he started eating them. So, if you want to play it on the safe side, opt for medium.

My lunch date, Kim, got the cashew chicken and enjoyed every bit of her lunch. The portions were rather large and you could easily make two meals out of lunches. With a scallop appetizer and two entrees out pre-tip total was only $16 with Scoutmob. I would love to return and sample their lamb or other special dinner entrees and specialty desserts.

768 Marietta St Ste A
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 522 5655

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There is free parking in the lot next to the restaurant.

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