Tantra Restaurant, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Tantra, the somewhat new restaurant located in the old Ibiza space is a sexy, chic, Asian fusion restaurant. Tantra has been on my radar for a while, so I was stoked when they asked me in for a complimentary meal.

The parking situation can be a tad chaotic. Because of the short driveway, cars get backed up quickly. We pulled in but didn’t see a valet so just drove down the steep driveway ourselves. Expecting a scolding from the valet when we encountered him, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said it was fine.

Photo Courtesy: Tantra Restaurant

Photo Courtesy: Tantra Restaurant

Once inside, I loved the swanky decor. However, it definitely isn’t a place to bring your little ones. You probably don’t want them asking you about the Tantric chair or seeing the huge painting depicting Buddha fornicating. It is perfectly tasteful, just not for innocent eyes. There’s also a beautifully decorated bar to the left and I almost wished our table wasn’t ready as I could have easily enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail.

But since our table was ready we sat down and perused the drink menu. All their specialty drinks and champagne looked incredible. It was a difficult choice, but I couldn’t resist the Tantric – made with Gin, Elderflower, Thyme and lime juice. Loved that they even included a stem of Thyme in my drink. It was heavenly and now makes me curious to try some of the other cocktail concoctions.

If you like hummus, then you must order the Hummus tasting. It comes with three types of hummus: Chickpea, Edamame, and Truffle. They were all unique and tasty in their own way but my favorite was the Edamame which was mixed with cilantro. Seriously, I could eat a tub full of that goodness. Love the unique Asian fusion take on Edamame.

Other appetizers we shared were the Foie Gras and Mussels. The broth and crusty bread was quite good. And oh how yummy was the Foie Gras! It is served with a spiced Apple Chutney and a Saffron-Ginger Gelee. Bite after bite was creamy and slightly sweet, just melting in your mouth.

We’d leaned on our server for recommendations and since he hadn’t let us down, we once again asked for dinner recs. He mentioned favorites were the Ostrich, Tuna and Short Ribs. I’d kind of been leaning toward the Basil Scallops but he changed my mind and I ordered Ostrich, while Mr. ARB ordered Tuna.

I asked for my Ostrich to be cooked medium but I think the kitchen may have been a bit backed up and it ended up more rare than I’d have liked but there was so much meat, I was still able to eat around some of the very rare pieces and been extremely full. The mushrooms and Cipolini added an extra layer of flavor I appreciated.

The Tuna was prepared perfectly and I was a bit envious of Mr. ARB that his meal came with a sampling of even more of that incredible Edamame hummus. Oh, and our server highly recommended ordering a side of the cauliflower, swearing how wonderful it was. With everything we’d eaten, I just sampled a small portion and thought it was decent. Mr. ARB took the leftovers home and reheated them the next night and said it was some of the best he’d had, with a slightly nutty flavor.

Too full for dessert, we left very content with our meal. It is also worth mentioning not only is the cocktail list terrific, but the wine list is well-selected as well. My Shiraz was one of the most delicious I’ve had, pairing well with my Ostrich. Definitely stop in soon.

2285 Peachtree Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30309

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