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The Brickery, Sandy Springs: 2 Decades and Still Going

“We were doing farm to table before it was ever called that.” That’s one of the first things that Bruce Alterman, owner of the Brickery in Sandy Springs told a group of us bloggers shortly after we sat down for an evening feast. The restaurant, around for 22 years, remains quite popular in the Sandy Springs neighborhood. As Alternman says, they do source from many local vendors.


We kicked things off with the blue cheese chips. The chips are made in house and while I’m not usually a fan of blue cheese, on this dish, I did enjoy it. I did stick to chips with small amounts of sauce, not wanted blue cheese overload. The portion is huge, so the appetizer could easily work for a group of 4 to 8 people, depending on how hungry you are.

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The next two appetizers we sampled were the brussels sprouts and Barely Battered Shrimp. When they say at The Brickery that their shrimp “barely battered” they mean it. A slight crispiness gives way to perfectly cooked shrimp. Don’t you hate when you ordered fried shrimp and it’s all batter? Not here. And if you really, really like ’em, they can be ordered as an entree too. The brussels sprouts, served with pasta were tasty and could easily serve as a small meal for someone watching their calories.

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I’m a sucker for crab cakes and while I did think the ones at The Brickery were delicious (not to mention gluten free), and with no filler I might add, there are better menu items than that. The best menu item we sampled was the Brisket. Tender and flavorful, they even have Kugel as a side for it. If you aren’t familiar with Kugel it is a slightly creamy pasta dish with raisins. For $20 you can have the Brisket and two sides.

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Although the fried chicken is one of the most popular menu items, I found it to be nothing out of the ordinary. However, the house Caesar burger was something I could see myself ordering on any number of gluttonous occasions. Served with fresh grated parmesan cheese and slathered with gooey caesar, what’s not to love? Complete the dish with onion rings, of course! Just like the shrimp, they have a light batter and are easy to eat with your hands – no knife and fork required.

As ludicrous as it sounds, we actually ate dessert – three to be precise. Chess Pie, chocolate cake and peach cobbler were all presented. The slices are not gargantuan portions like at many restaurants, but reasonable sizes for an individual. You’ve been warned – don’t expect to share. Both the Chess pie and Peach cobbler stood out as especially unique to me. The chocolate cake was a flop.

From the time we arrived at 6:30 until we left at about 8:30, The Brickery was packed. And this isn’t a small restaurant. I’m not exactly sure why they want or need bloggers to spread the word, unless they wanted to clue the rest of Atlanta in on what Sandy Springs already knows? Consider yourself informed, Atlanta – The Brickery has some incredible eats.¬†We couldn’t fit all the fantastic pics we took in this post. Want to see more? Head on over to Atlanta Restaurant Blog’s Facebook page. The Brickery hosted us for the evening and all food and drink was complimentary.

The Brickery website
6125 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

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