The Counter Burger Tuesdays: 4 Mini Burgers and Beer Pairings are $14

So, I visited the Counter Burger in Roswell back in May to try their new Chicken burger. But I was pretty excited when I saw the ad on the table that on Tuesdays after 4 pm the Counter Burger offers 4 minis/beer pairs for $14! So, I did what any dork food blogger does when they are that stoked about food – I scheduled a Tweetup.

Me, SeanEatsAtlanta, ATL_Events, BurgerandBrew along with some other Tweeps, met up at the Counter Burger in Roswell on a recent Tuesday. Having no idea if five people or twenty-five people were going to show up I called ahead and they told me they don’t take reservations, but they’d accommodate us when we arrived. We asked for a table of ten and were seated shortly after arriving. The group grew to a total of fourteen, but it wasn’t a problem adding a couple people to our table.

The four mini burgers and beers are pre-selected by the restaurant but change up every couple of months. So, there’s no worry about selecting toppings, which, if you’ve seen the Counter Burger’s menu you’d understand. It is a clipboard with a pencil for you to choose your toppings. I liked simply pointing at the signage and saying “I want that.” It was easy ordering for our large group. And I was impressed that they got the food out relatively quickly, although we did have to wait a while for the beers to come out.

The Burgers were a:
Greek burger with olives and feta
Burger with roasted red peppers and teriyaki-soy sauce
Caprese Burger with mozzarella cheese, tomato and pesto sauce
Burger topped with fried onions and hot sauce

The Beers were:
Heavy Seas
Fat Tire
Sweetwater 420

I was pretty impressed with the quality of all toppings – they were tasty and plentiful. While I enjoyed all the burgers, the Caprese-Pesto was my favorite with the Fried onion topped-hot sauce burger being my second favorite. Several of us noticed that while we asked for our burgers to be medium, they ended up pretty well done (not dried out mind you), but I suspect it is quite difficult to make those tiny burgers anything but well done. The burgers and brews rotate every couple of months, so there’s definitely variety.

Loved the beers and thought they all paired quite nicely with the burgers. Everyone was very pleased with their meal, and we all remarked what a deal this is. Oh, and loved how our server split up our checks without even asking, even down to the orders of fries we all shared. Great place for a group.

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    Good info…I need to take advantage of this deal. One of my favorite burger spots in Atlanta area.

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