The Counter Burger’s New Southern Pan Fried Chicken Burger

The Counter Burger is offering a new burger for the months of June and July. It is the Southern Pan Fried Chicken Burger. The Counter Burger was kind enough to offer me a complimentary tasting of the burger. I headed over the to the Roswell Counter Burger to try out the new burger on a recent Tuesday.

The Southern Chicken Burger is a 1/3 lb chicken breast. It doesn’t sound all that big but it was huge! The chicken burger is panko breaded and pan fried. It is then topped with Pineapple Chipotle Salsa and served on on Texas Toast and a side of peach BBQ sauce.

I liked the Chipotle Salsa and the Peach BBQ sauce, but I thought it needed something a little creamier, so I spread some ranch dressing on top which made it much better. The ranch dressing was left over from the fried pickles we started our meal with. Really enjoyed those as well.

Oh, and what would a burger be without fries, right? So, we got the half and half order (half Sweet Potato and half Regular fries). So yummy. I love those thin and crispy type of fries. It was a huge portion and even with two of us sharing an order, we barely made a dent in them. If you’d like to try the Southern Pan Fried Chicken Burger, it is on the menu at the Counter Burger for the month of June and July.

850 Mansell Road, Roswell, GA 30076
678 461 9661

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