The Lawrence, Midtown, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Coming from the same folks as Top FLR, I was excited to finally visit The Lawrence. I just knew that they couldn’t disappoint me or my friend from out of town.  On previous visits, I’ve taken him to spots like Wisteria, La Tavola, Empire State South and the Optimist. Yes, I’d set the bar pretty high and boy did it plunge when we went to The Lawrence last month.

As a bar alone, it would work. In fact, had we just stopped in for cocktails and left for dinner elsewhere, I would have left with a good impression. The cocktails we tried, The Lady Lawrence and another rum based specialty were both quite different but equally tasty. The Lady Lawrence, their signature cocktail, is made with lavender mint tea infused vodka, ginger, lime and soda was quite refreshing. My dinner date had three of the same cocktail, so I’m guessing he liked his pretty good.

Tuna tartare at The Lawrence

Tuna Tartare at The Lawrence

Shame we didn’t just leave then and go to Ecco, or somewhere in the vicinity. Reminiscing about how delightful the tuna tartare at Top FLR was, I eagerly placed an order for it at The Lawrence. It was served with the tuna mixture hiding beneath a shrimp cracker. The sloppy presentation didn’t exactly whet my appetite for what was to come later in the evening. The taste was okay, but completely unremarkable.

The Lawrence Atlanta Midtown

Rabbit Schnitzel at The Lawrence

Another starter I had high hopes for was the rabbit schnitzel. I’ve never had a schnitzel presented like it was in an egg roll before, but hey, if it was tasty, I would put the strange and unflattering presentation aside. Instead it was a cold, dried out and lacked any flavor. We were starving, so we each ate our half “egg roll.” By the way, if you do want a damn good schnitzel dinner, visit 1Kept.

I read about menu items like duck tongue carnitas, pigs ears, and roasted monkfish with hen of the woods mushrooms. Where were these items? Instead I saw entree choices of salmon, chicken breast, hanger steak or pork chop. Did they lose a bet and have to serve the most unimaginative menu choices possible?

The Lawrence Midtown Atlanta

The Lawrence Steak and Frites

Not wanting to risk two bad entrees, we shared the Steak and Frites with a side of crawfish mac and cheese. While the presentation was good, again the steak was cold. The best thing we had all night, besides cocktails, was that mac and cheese. And bonus – it was actually warm! Our server was friendly enough but didn’t seem too concerned that we didn’t care for our meal. Enjoy The Lawrence’s unique cocktails, but skip the disappointing, sloppily presented food.

The Lawrence

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