The Sound Table, Atlanta, GA First Impressions

The Sound Table, located at the corner of Edgewood and Boulevard in Old 4th Ward area of Atlanta, comes from the same people who brought us Top FLR. My love for Top FLR is well noted. So, when I found out they’d opened up a new restaurant, it was immediately on my radar.

I must have driven by The Sound Table a dozen times before actually checking them out. Thank goodness, otherwise I’d probably had a difficult time finding it. Those 2 letters on the side of the building is about the only signage you’ll find. The next obstacle is navigating their crazy parking lot. It is deceiving in that it looks like there are more parking spots available, but once you get inside you see how teeny tiny it truly is. But if you don’t score parking here, you better have a bunch for quarters for the meters that line Edgewood Avenue.

I met up with a fellow foodie and good friend, Josh. As we hadn’t seen each other for a while we had some catching up to do. Don’t you hate it when the waiter keeps coming by to get your order and you haven’t even glanced at the menu? I always feel like I’m being a bad guest if I don’t have an order by the second time a server comes by. Our server was pretty patient with us. On the third time we were finally ready to at least order some appetizers. We settled on the Curried chickpeas and the Arancini (fried rice balls coated with breadcrumbs). We Wiki’d it – what did we all do before we had internet on our phones? Our Arancini was scrumptious filled with black truffle, roasted garlic, and pecorino. But I think it was the Curried chickpeas that we both fell in love with.

I didn’t mention drinks yet as this was even more of a difficult decision than choosing appetizers. The emphasis here seems to be about as much on specialty cocktails as it is on the food. In the holiday spirit (our dinner date was 12/22), I chose to start things with the St Nog, a type of Egg Nog. Although I found it pretty tasty, I clearly thought something was missing. My second drink was completely different, the Stone Mountain – made with Cognac, Pine liqueur, Pear liqueur, and baked apple bitters. Obviously a lot of thought went into these drinks, but maybe I just didn’t appreciate them. I would have much rather had a simple Moscow Mule or Dark n’ Stormy.

Revisiting the drink menu listed on their website, I would be drawn to the September Gurl – Made with Gemini Jams Fig Jam, Pisco, Lemon and Sage, or the Small Axe – made with Tamarind infused rum, Lime, Grapefruit and All-spice Dram. There’s always next time, they’re on Scoutmob, ya know.

Moving onto dinner, I was clearly ready for some meat. The Chinese Pork Ribs caught our eyes as did the cheeseburger, although they describe it as the St Burger, custom ground with house made pickles. Add frites for 2 bucks more. Yes please. The ribs were nicely flavored; the sweet chili sauce a nice contrast to the slightly salty soy sauce and scallions. And the burger, medium just as we asked was and flavorful and juicy. No lettuce, tomatoes or ketchup necessary. Glad we splurged for the crispy, tasty fries, sorry frites too.

Overall, I think the Sound Table is a fun destination for a group or couples. As far as the drinks, it feels like they are trying too hard. I mean, pear liqueur, pine liqueur and apple bitters? Isn’t that overkill? In comparison, Top FLR has a great cocktail list that is unique without going overboard. As far as the food, they are similar to Top FLR in that their plates lend themselves to sharing, and the menu is a mix of unique items.

483 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30312

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