Urban Flats, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

You may remember Urban Flats was open for a brief amount of time circa 2008 and then closed down. The Southeastern chain is back in business here in Atlanta. They re-opened in the same spot where they had been located, in Lindbergh Center in Buckhead. Urban Flats invited me in for a tasting of their best menu items.

Upon entering, I was surprised at how big the restaurant truly is. There is table and booth seating on the main level as well an the upper level where patrons can keep an eye on the 500 degree oven. I met proprietor, Mike, who was extremely friendly and gave me an overview of the restaurant and picked his favorites for me and my friend to sample. Mike tells me that ALL menu items at Urban Flats are all baked, not fried, a plus for those wanting to eat healthier. In addition, the curved bar is perfect for those stopping in for a quick lunch or there to watch a game.

Mike said some of his favorite starters and the most popular are the Crab Cakes and Ahi Tuna. I’m a slut for both of those, so I didn’t put up a fuss about trying them. The Crab Cakes were full of, well, crab, none of that extra breading and filler crap. It came with a spicy dipping sauce and a pineapple salsa but they were so yummy no sauce was required to enjoy them. And the Ahi Tuna was not only a beautiful presentation, but chock full of fresh, and tasty tuna.

I was also quite surprised at all the different menu offerings. Besides the starters, Urban Flats has wraps, salads and full entrees (think fish, steak, etc). We tried some fried Tilapia, which was honestly some of the best Tilapia I’ve had – moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. There’s definitely something on the menu for everyone.

Spicy Barbecue and Fig and Prosciutto Flat Breads

Of course, the star here are the Flat Breads and there is quite a selection at over 15 different kinds. Since Mike had been so helpful picking out starters I asked for him to pick the top four. He chose for us: The Fig and Prosciutto, Shrimp and Chorizo, Lobster and Arugula, and the Spicy Barbecue Chicken. I learned that the Fig jam used is made in house. I loved the contrast of sweet figs with salty blue cheese and Prosciutto, but I also stole some of the plentiful Arugula off the Lobster pizza to add and it was heavenly. My favorite of all, though was the spicy Chorizo and Shrimp flat bread. My date’s favorite was the Spicy Barbecue Chicken flat bread. Watch out for those jalepenos – they’ll set your mouth on fire.

Urban Flats also has specialty nights Monday through Thursday you’ll want to check out. Here are a couple that really piqued my interest: Tuesday nights there’s Flite and Flat special; sample four draft beers and enjoy a signature flat bread for around $12. On Wednesday it’s Wine Down Wednesdays featuring wine tastings (eight 3oz glasses) and all you can eat samples for around $20.

2450 Piedmont Rd NE Ste 100
Atlanta, GA 30324
Urban Flats Website

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Tip: At the time of this post, Urban Flats is a featured deal on Scoutmob. The validate parking for two hours in the garage behind Longhorn’s.

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