West & Mill Bistro: Overlooked Gem in West Midtown

I am not a huge fan of restaurant weeks. Instead of showcasing the best the restaurant has to offer, it seems most restaurants offer their most unappealing (read: cheap) menu items. Um, yeah, I almost never order chicken when I go out, since I have it at home so much. So, please don’t put it on your restaurant week menu. Well, color me surprised the Midtown Restaurant Week menu available at West & Mill Bistro. The restaurant is located on the westside in the Brickworks building.

Honestly, I thought MRW started on the 15th. So, when I showed up on Saturday the 14th to West & Mill I wasn’t expecting to get a special menu. I was hoping to snag a table on the roof top patio, but they said they reserve that for special events. It is beautiful in the restaurant but the weather was too perfect to not sit outdoors.

gazpacho west and mill atlanta best fries atlanta
I had my heart set on the Mussels and Belgian fries but they had a $40 four course menu WITH WINE PAIRINGS for restaurant week. We decided to get the mussels and fries to start + a cup of gazpacho and share the four course meal between the two of us. While the mussels were just okay, I wouldn’t order them again, but I would definitely get the fries. The huge serving comes with parmesan shavings not that powder crap from other places. The mustard and curry dipping sauces were awesome too.

Our server was such a sweetheart, she split the four courses + each wine up for us. Check out the food porn below. Remember, these are only half portions pictured of each course.

First Course: Roasted Asparagus Salad with Goat Cheese and Egg | Sauvignon Blanc
west & mill bistro atlanta
Not only was this a beautiful entree, but a standout among offerings for a restaurant week.

Second Course: Tuna Tartare with avocado and cucumber | Chardonnay
tuna tartare west and mill bistro atlanta
Again, I was surprised. You don’t see Tuna Tartare on a restaurant week menu often. And the portion was generous too, even if it was a tad on the salty side. Although I don’t usually like Chardonnay, this one, Acacia was quite tasty and paired well with not only the tuna, but the mussels and fries I was still munching on.

Third Course: Grilled Strip Loin with Polenta | Moulin Populaire
west & mill bistro steak atlanta
Of all, this was the best course and pairing. The polenta was a nice compliment to the steak. I’m not a wine expert, and hadn’t heard of Moulin Populaire (70% Metlot, 30% Cabernet) but it was lovely. While they don’t have a strip loin on the regular menu, they do offer a tapas plate of Hanger steak and another main entree of of Steak Frites that has the same mushroom demi-glace as this.

Fourth Course: Peach Tart | Eiswein
west & mill bistro midtown atlanta

Dessert even came with a delicious wine. I’m not a fan of dessert wines either. They are just too darn sweet. But this Eiswein was not overly sweet. A wonderful finish to the evening.

Bonus: I made the rezzie via Open Table and they didn’t make me call back the day of to confirm (a pet peeve of mine)! West & Mill was relatively empty on a Saturday night at 7:30 during restaurant week. Meanwhile, Five Seasons next door was packed. What gives? This food was incredibly better than anything Five Seasons West Midtown has ever served me. Maybe it is overlooked because of The Optimist, JCT Kitchen, et al up the street, but it’s a shame. Hope you’ll go support them.

West & Mill Bistro
1000 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA

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