Woblet Supper Club Introduces us to Ink and Elm in Emory

It seems that supper clubs are pretty ubiquitous nowadays. Instead of being an underground dinner at a chef’s home, they are now a group of individuals meeting at a hot new restaurant. Some even have their own fancy smancy mobile app like Woblet supper club. They recently introduced us to Ink and Elm for their kickoff to the supper club series.

The name “Woblet” comes from a play on the words “mobile” and “wallet” creators Josh and Elyse explained to us. When diners use the free Woblet app to sign up for a dinner they get a unique dinning experience, sampling multiple menu dishes, plus, a portion of the cost goes to a local charity. More than that, it is truly an experience for those who want a behind-the-scenes peak at the restaurant as the restaurant chef discusses his inspiration for dishes and answers guests’ questions.

Ink and Elm Emory Atlanta

Ink and Elm private dining room

Ink and Elm is a new restaurant located in Emory area. The large and comfy dark leather chairs and well lit bar make it tempting not stray from the bar area, but the dining room is pretty swank looking too. Woblet supper club diners had a private dining room on this evening, complete with fireplace and sliding door to a secret bar.

woblet supper club atlanta

They seem to be pretty passionate about both the cocktail program as well as the wine list. Although the cocktail list does favor bourbon, whiskey and gin more than vodka (which is my preference) I did enjoy the citrus based cocktail I had. However, when I switched to wine, the Pinot wasn’t extraordinary in any way, especially given the $15 price point (many wines are available by the half glass as well).

woblet supper club in and elm

Ink and Elm Spring Salad

Besides and amuse of a spicy and delicious mini deviled egg, we also had savory rosemary and chive profiteroles with sweet potato butter. The addition of butter really changed the taste of this bread course. A salad course (pictured above) had a ton of items for such a small plate – Ricotta with english peas, fava beans, grape tomato, asparagus, radish and baby carrots. While the dish had so much going on, I felt like only one piece of everything was too little to really give the dish a good overall flavor.

ink and elm restaurant atlanta

However, the shrimp appetizer with ham broth had a nice kick to it. I’d definitely see myself ordering that again. We also sampled two different entrees. The first, a Black Grouper (pictured above) with sugar snap peas and beets was well-prepared but came in second to the Culotte Steak with a large eggplant fry and sweet potato puree. Woblet dinners are capped at 20 guests. Price is $60 per person excluding tax, gratuity and drinks. ¬†Upcoming dinners are:

Wednesday, June 18th, 7:30 pm
Wednesday, July 16th, 7:30 pm
Wednesday, August 12th, 7:30 pm

1577 N Decatur Rd
Atlanta, GA 30307
(678) 244-7050

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