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11 Spots for Atlanta’s Best Hummus

National Hummus Day is May 13. Here’s a list of our favorite hummus in Atlanta.

1. Apres Diem
I love Apres Diem. A couple small plates and a glass of wine are the perfect dinner on occasion. Their hummus is terrific. Of course a little known secret is you can get half hummus and half Baba Ganoush if you ask!

2. Basil’s
The recipe for this hummus is a closely guarded secret. Around for decades, Basil’s is perfect to go and enjoy a warm spring evening on their pleasant patio.

3. Bezoria
Choose from regular or spicy hummus here. I say go for the spicy.

4. Cafe Agora
Their hummus comes as part of the Mezze platter. Of course, you could order it separately, but why would you want to miss out on all those other goodies like Baba Ganoush and Dolma’s (stuffed grape leaves).

5. Food 101
Boiled. Peanut. Hummus. Slathering this delectable hummus all over the toasty flatbread, makes for a light but satisfying meal.

6. The Nook
They have a chipotle hummus that has a delicious spicy kick. Plus it is served with crispy tortilla chips.

7. The Painted Pin
Just because it is a game spot, doesn’t mean the food isn’t on point. Love me some of their hummus to fuel me pre-game. And when I say pre-game, I, of course, mean bowling.

8. Fia

Located inside the Burgess hotel this sexy restaurant is just brimming with deliciousness, but for an amazing starter go for their warm hummus.

9. Sun In My Belly
One of my favorite brunch spots, Sun in My Belly serves a deliciously unique cumin spiked hummus.

10. Wisteria
Black-Eyed Pea Hummus is served up with home made sweet potato chips. Olives and tomatoes come with the dish too.

11. Zeal
The Garden Hummus with spinach and kale is quite tasty and a different spin on hummus.

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