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5 Benefits of Using Teletherapy


For many Americans, the stigma of mental health—and seeking treatment for mental health conditions—is very much alive in this day and age. For many people, it’s a daily struggle. Sometimes, it’s a cultural thing. Other times, it can be attributed to peer pressure or disapproval from other groups. On many occasions, there’s a lack of resources available. Then there’s the stigma. Mental health stigma can cause major damage to people seeking treatment for mental health. But not speaking up about issues/concerns and avoiding the problem only makes it worse. Fortunately, online therapy can help remove some of that stigma and make it easier for people to seek treatment for such conditions. Here’s how.  


Teletherapy is incredibly convenient. Most of us work very busy schedules and amid the hustle and bustle of daily life don’t make time for taking care of our mental health. That’s part of the problem. Fortunately, the convenience factor of online therapy mitigates that somewhat. According to the American Psychology Association, one of the primary reasons people prefer online therapy to in-person therapy is the convenience factor. Think about it this way. You don’t need to worry about traffic, you don’t need to worry about a commute, and you don’t have to travel somewhere across town or even to a different city. You can do it from the convenience, comfort, and surroundings of your own dwelling. That’s something that matters when you’re working through trauma or need advice about something. Being in a convenient area and at ease can help you work with your therapist to help you as much as possible.


Sometimes, seeking treatment outside your home is not exactly easy or straightforward. It can be discomfiting and stressful to travel to an office. That’s a perfectly natural feeling. Younger people who are more adept with technology might also find it more comfortable to speak with somebody via text message, phone, or teleconferencing instead of seeing them in person. The idea behind therapy is to help treat mental health conditions, and being comfortable is part of what makes it work. So, consider teletherapy when you want to consult with a therapist comfortably instead of worrying about making it to an appointment.


All those studies are ongoing to determine the effectiveness of online therapy, there are strong suggestions that it is actually more effective than in-person therapy. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to somebody and go through cognitive behavioral therapy in an online scenario than it is to try to do it in person. Other types of therapy can also be effective over the phone. Talking with someone strengthens the connections in the brain and helps patients ultimately recover. Using a mix of phone discussion or consultation and text messaging can make this process easier for some patients. That alone boosts its effectiveness. In the grand scheme of things, using online therapy is a good idea for anyone suffering from mental health issues or just needing someone to talk to once in a while. 


One of the primary reasons Americans don’t seek medical help is due to the cost. The healthcare system can be an expensive endeavor and therapy is no exception. Fortunately, teletherapy can help there too. One of the primary reasons Americans don’t seek medical help is due to the cost. The healthcare system can be an expensive endeavor and therapy is no exception. Fortunately, teletherapy can help there too. A benefit of teletherapy is that it’s often less costly than traditional therapy. Sometimes, it’s a free service as part of your health insurance plan. The convenience of virtual visits also means you won’t spend as much money commuting or taking time off work to visit a therapist. That in and of itself provides some additional cost savings. Merely set up your appointments around what works best with your schedule and online options are significantly less expensive overall. 

Online Prescriptions 

Sometimes your therapist might prescribe medication. These might be antidepressants or something else to treat your condition. Fortunately, you can get these medications through an online prescription service. All you need to do is book an appointment, have a consultation, and get your prescription. It requires having a local pharmacy or delivery service. But otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward. Online prescriptions via teletherapy offer convenience and assistance to anyone choosing to treat their mental health conditions online. Some are subscription-based while others are just part of the teletherapy service you’re using. Just check to see if your insurance covers it and find out what the fees are before getting started. Ultimately, online therapy is a fantastic way to take care of your mental health and should remain an option when you need it.

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