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Buckhead Atlanta Restaurants: Hits and Misses

Buckhead Atlanta is at last open for business. While the stores may be quite pricey, the restaurants, on the other hand, are (thank goodness) affordable. Some are much better than others. Here’s the rundown on five spots in Buckhead Atlanta.

  • Doraku Sushi (Casual Date Night / Double Date)
    With locations in Florida and Hawaii, Buckhead Atlanta is home to fifth location. With many creative sushi rolls like the Chili Tuna Poke and the God of Fire Roll, you won’t be bored with the sushi options. But if sushi isn’t your thing, or others in your party, there are plenty of other Japanese items and plenty to suit a vegetarian. The rustic Japanese decor makes it perfect for a casual date night or fun girls night out.
  • Southern Gentleman (Craft Cocktails) 
    As the name suggests, it is Southern fare, but besides the southern serve ware, the decor is rather upscale. Much of the action is at the huge bar, with a bevy of craft cocktails. While starters like the shrimp corn dogs and boudin balls with hot pepper jelly a quite enjoyable, entrees fell short. The Cochon, a compressed brick of pork shoulder, belly and skin was not only impossible to cut, it was way over-salted. A swap to Duck and Dumplings was better, yet the dumplings were completely dried out. Stick to cocktails and appetizers here.
  • Gypsy Kitchen (Birthday Celebrations) 
    Gypsy Kitchen gets points for the most beautifully decorated restaurant on the list.  With a mix of Spanish, Indian and Mediterranean, the menu is certainly unique. The menu is divided into distinct groups: snacks, cured meats/cheeses, appetizers,  plates and plates for the table. Seductive cocktails like The Seville Rose and The Evil Eye await you

Under the snacks the Almond “Nutella” Toast was average, but misleading. Is it me or does the description make you think the almond would be like a paste? Unfortunately, it wasn’t – just slivered  almonds and thin sliced chorizo. And under the appetizers, the Cauliflower-Serrano Croquetas tasted  as if they’d previously been frozen, while the lamb tagine suffered from cinnamon overload. The  appetizer category is redeemed by the Octopus (a small portion for $14 – our server orders two when she dines here) and the lovely Mushroom Caps.

Though the smaller items come out quickly (within minutes) the plates for the table (serving 2) take about 45 minutes so make sure to put your order in when you order apps. Our Whole Branzino was a nice balance to the meal, but the Spiced Almond Cake for dessert was the best thing we had the entire evening. The beautiful and lively spot is perfect for a birthday celebration.

Valet parking is nothing short of a nightmare in Buckhead Atlanta. And this is coming from someone who’s only dined on weeknights, never a weekend. If the restaurant validates your parking, you’ll still be forking over five bucks to the valet so you can wait an excruciatingly long time to get your car. I think the blissful days of complimentary valet are coming to a close. The text you can send the number on your valet ticket is more of an exercise in frustration than anything else and in no way guarantees your car will be waiting for you when you get to the valet stand. If it isn’t raining, you are better off parking yourself for $5 in one of the nearby lots. At least you know your wait time to get your car is only the time it takes to walk there.

Disclosure: My meals were complimentary but the opinions are my own. 


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