7 Hidden Sources of Salt

The Holidays are here and this tends to be the time when we definitely eat more than we should. Although we need to watch caloric intake, we need to keep an eye on our sodium intake as well. Below is a list of foods you may not think are high in sodium but in reality are. Some are perennial favorites at Holiday brunches.

1. Smoked Salmon

Think any kind of Salmon is healthy? Not really. Just about 3 slices of Smoked Salmon contains 1000 mg of sodium. Instead have a salmon filet with only 42 mg of sodium.

These can pack in nearly 2000 mg of sodium. Look for the “King Oscar” Brand which only has 200 mg of sodium.

Nearly 1500 mg of sodium this seems healthly as it is mediterranean. Reach for olives instead.

4. Bacon
A serving on regular bacon (4 slices) is the sodium equivalent of 3 large orders of McDonald’s fries. Think Turkey Bacon is better? Not really. It still packs in the sodium. Read labels and choose a low sodium brand if possible.

5. Ramen Noodles
They are cheap but full of salt. Just half of one package contains about 1,000 mg of salt. And who eats just half of the package?

6. Soy / 7.Teriyaki Sauce
Although Teriyak isn’t as bad (approx. 2000 mg of sodium per serving vs. Soy Sauce at 3000 mg of sodium) they are still way more than you need. Instead opt for something like sweet and sour sauce or Sriracha Sauce.

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