9 Tips You Should Know for Your Summer Backpacking Trip to Europe

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Summer backpacking trips to Europe are an adventure of a lifetime. With see-all-you-can-see itineraries, these trips typically require preparation, planning, and budgeting.

If you’re considering embarking on a summer backpacking trip to Europe, this article is for you. We’ve put together eight tips to help you make the most of your trip, stay safe and healthy on the road, and keep your budget in check.

Before You Go Backpacking

The first set of tips relates to preparing for your trip in advance. Once you have your itinerary and budget set, you’ll want to start thinking about logistics and how to make your backpacking trip successful.

Research visa and passport requirements

Always check the visa and passport requirements before you embark on your journey. Avoid the last-minute rush when getting your documents in order by applying for a visa three to six months before your trip. Research the fees attached to visa applications and save enough money to meet those expenses.

Tips for booking flights and accommodation

As much as getting the cheapest fare is important, factor in the time and recovery periods after your journey. Avoid connecting flights or heavily cramped itineraries for a comfortable journey. For accommodation, don’t book everything in advance – plan for the first few days and decide on the rest depending on the experience.

Prepare a comprehensive packing list

When packing for a backpacking trip through Europe, less is more. To avoid last-minute panic, make a comprehensive packing list, including essentials such as adapters, chargers, and toiletries. Pack light to make your backpacking experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Budget-Related Tips

Backpacking trips through Europe can be expensive. To make yours more affordable, follow these budget tips.

Strategies for saving money on transportation and food

Saving money on transportation and food while traveling is essential for budget-conscious travelers. Here are some strategies to help you save on transportation and food costs while touring Europe.


  • Utilize public transportation: European cities have well-connected public transportation networks, including buses, trams, and subways. These are usually more cost-effective than taxis or ridesharing services.
  • Purchase rail passes: For extensive train travel, consider purchasing rail passes, such as the Eurail or Interrail Pass, which offer unlimited train travel within a certain time frame and can save you a significant amount of money.
  • Travel off-peak: Train and bus fares are often cheaper during off-peak times, such as early mornings, late evenings, or weekdays. Plan your trip around these times to save money.
  • Book transportation in advance: Many transportation companies offer discounts for early booking, so plan your itinerary and make reservations as soon as possible.
  • Consider ridesharing or carpooling: Apps like BlaBlaCar connect drivers with travelers heading in the same direction, which can be a cost-effective alternative to public transportation or renting a car.


  • Eat like a local: Local eateries and street food vendors offer authentic and affordable dining options. So don’t be afraid to venture outside touristy areas for more budget-friendly options.
  • Visit markets and supermarkets: Buying fresh produce and groceries at local markets or supermarkets can save you money on food. In addition, you can prepare meals in your accommodation if it has a kitchen, or enjoy a picnic in a park.
  • Take advantage of meal deals: Many restaurants offer daily specials, set menus, or discounted meals during certain hours. Keep an eye out for these deals and plan your meals accordingly.
  • Share dishes: In many European cultures, sharing dishes among a group is common. This allows you to try various foods while splitting the cost with your travel companions.
  • Carry snacks and a reusable water bottle: Buying snacks and bottled water throughout the day can add up. Instead, pack snacks from home or a local market and carry a reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day. And for people who have specific dietary requirements or needs, having a protein powder can be beneficial. So if you’re concerned about protein powder shelf life: does it go bad? Well, you can use it for a fair amount of time, so always pay attention to the expiry date.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce your transportation and food costs, allowing you to enjoy your European adventure without breaking the bank.

Budgeting tips for attractions and activities

Don’t fall prey to commercial tourist traps along the way. City passes and tours can be expensive, so research free or low-cost activities and places of interest. Plan your itinerary around free events and take advantage of student, senior, or group travel discounts.

Recommendations for affordable souvenirs and gifts while backpacking

While traveling, it’s normal to want to buy souvenirs for friends and family. Research affordable souvenirs, local wines, and chocolates for a taste of your travel destination. For unique and affordable keepsakes, bargain for value, especially at open markets.

Safety and Health Tips

Europe has its fair share of risks, so keeping safe and healthy is paramount when backpacking. The tips below will help you stay safe and healthy.

Tips for Staying Safe in Busy Tourist Areas while backpacking

From pickpockets to scams, tourist hotspots can be dangerous. Always remain aware of your surroundings, avoid wearing expensive jewelry, and don’t fall for scams involving street vendors.

Navigation Advice and Cultural Customs

Navigating Europe can be confusing, but locals are usually willing to help. Learn basic phrases in the country’s language or use maps and GPS to get around. Also, be aware of local customs and follow basic etiquette, like dressing appropriately in places of worship.

Health and Wellness Considerations While Traveling

Keep hydrated and carry a small first aid kit for any random injuries on the road. Finally, and most importantly, take care of yourself mentally by getting quality sleep and taking breaks when necessary.

Miscellaneous Backpacking Tips

Here is a list of additional tips to make your backpacking trip to Europe more enjoyable and give you an authentic regional experience.

Staying environmentally responsible while backpacking

As a conscious traveler, avoid damaging the environment and surrounding areas. Leave the area better than you found it and dispose of rubbish in designated areas. Have manners and always ask before taking pictures of people or events.

Advice for cultural immersion and language learning

Experience your travel destination’s culture and languages to make your trip more rewarding. Consider staying with locals or attending cultural events to get a feel for the country. A local dictionary or translator app will be useful in picking up common phrases.

Social media tips for sharing your experience while maintaining safety

Sharing your travel experience on social media comes with dangers. Avoid sharing location details, and don’t advertise expensive gadgets or quick online purchases. Be cautious when accepting friendship invitations from strangers.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating these tips into your summer backpacking trip to Europe, you’ll be able to stay safe and budget-friendly and enjoy all the continent’s cultural experiences. Don’t let any travel stress derail your journey. With good planning and preparation, your summer backpacking trip to Europe can be the adventure of a lifetime. Bon voyage!

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