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9 Types of Annoying Facebook Friends

Annoying Facebook Friends

We all have friends that annoy us on Facebook, but here’s some of the most frustrating social media behavior. How many of your friends fit into these different annoying facebook types?

1. Vaguebookers
You know what vaguebooking is right? It’s when an annoying Facebook friend alludes to something sad or awful that has happened, but doesn’t fully explain in an attempt to get friends to ask “What’s wrong?” or “What’s happened?” This etiquette is not for social media. If you are upset, call or text a friend and talk it out. But don’t half ass put your problems on Facebook, fishing for concern.

2. Humble Braggarts 
Isn’t the humble brag so 2014? Still, I’ve had Facebook friends who talk about how they bought food and blankets for a homeless guy, or helped return a pet to their owner. Yes, we get it, you’re a great person.

3. Brokie Brokertons
The ones that post about not having money or about their crushing expenses yet take lots of vacations, attend concerts and sporting events regularly, and eat out frequently. While I never try to judge anyone for their financial situation, I do blame them for not taking responsibility. Come on people, at least be smart enough NOT to post about your lavish life if you are going to complain about your broke ass the next day. I’m totally surprised it isn’t obvious to them that this lands at one of the top ways to be considered an annoying facebook friend.

4. Narcissistians 
The fact that we now don’t have to spend money on film is a photographer’s dream. And here’s a hint: you are free to delete pictures that didn’t turn out right. So, go ahead and do that, because we know that all seventeen pictures you took of you and your friends at the restaurant weren’t perfect and we don’t want to see all of them.

5. Sir Snaps a Lot
I recently went to a party and happily left my iPhone in the car the entire time. I made it a point that I wanted to genuinely engage with people that I hadn’t met before. I felt that bringing in my phone, I’d be trying to take and post pictures. And you know what? I had some fantastic conversations. But we all have those annoying Facebook friends that must take a gazillion pictures at any and every event they attend. The worst is when at a restaurant, they assume that is part of a server’s job. Sometimes it is a good idea to put the phone away and just be in the moment.

6. Loveaholics
You know these couples. The ones that need to get a room. I don’t get this at all. I mean have they heard of sexting? Why not just do that instead of putting their relationship all over Facebook. I get that they are all in love and that’s super for them. But the rest of the world and their Facebook friends don’t want to see these types of annoying facebook posts all the time.

7. Inequality
Ugh! As a blogger I like my fellow bloggers’ stuff and sometimes share it, but for some it just never comes back. I also have “pals” on Facebook that despite liking their posts, they never return the favor. What’s up with that? Friendship is give and take, yo!

8. Stalkers 
You post a picture or status update and within seconds they like it. Don’t we all know someone like this? What do they do? Have notifications setup just for your updates? Or worse, the stalkers that we don’t think even get on Facebook yet are watching everything we do!

9. Frenemies
Admit it. You have at least a couple of these annoying facebook friends. This is quite possibly the worst of all on the list. Frenemies are the ones who outwardly seem to cheer for your success, but inwardly hope for your failure. No one needs these people in their lives.

Extra: The Instigator

Had to add this one after I noticed a pattern on Facebook from one of my “friends.” This person definitely has a diverse group of friends; conservatives, liberals, religious, atheists, you get it. And I’ve noticed he posts things that stir the pot with leading questions that people can’t resist sharing their $0.02. Most recently, it was an article commending Chick-fil-a for feeding thousands of stranded passengers at the Atlanta airport. That by itself isn’t, negative, it is the leading questions he poses. In no time there were negative comments about the company because of charities they support privately.

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