Code of Ethics

1. Accountability

I will at all times remain professional in my writing, remembering that someone’s reputation is linked to their livelihood. Therefore, it is unfair to use my blog as a weapon to wield power without consequence.

2. Respectfulness

The idea of blogging allows anyone to share their opinion, I limit myself to criticizing food and service. Personal attacks on chefs, servers or others in the Restaurant are unfair and uncalled for. I will simply not stoop to that level.

3. Full Disclosure

At any point, if I am invited to Media Dinners, comped meals, or given samples, I will always disclose this information up front. I’m not on the payroll of a large media organization. It is my personal money (or my boyfriend 🙂 ) financing my endeavor. So, while I do get freebies from time to time, I promise to always disclose that in the post so readers know and aren’t influenced unfairly by the review.

4. Anonymity

As a blogger, I may choose to remain anonymous as to avoid recognition from restaurant owners when I review restaurants. This way, I can remain impartial and receive the same treatment any other guest would receive. But at the same time I promise not to publish anything that I wouldn’t feel completely comfortable adding my name to.

5. Review Standards

I know every establishment goes through growing pains and that is unfair to review a restaurant on opening night or even during their first month. So, if I want to do a write-up, I promise to label it “First Impressions” rather than a full-blown review.

6. Credit and Fact Checking

In the age of the internet, content is gathered from many sources. However, that doesn’t make it ok to not cite sources or plagiarize. I promise to always credit sources of original content. Anything not credited is my own unique content, written by me and no one else. I also will fact check, and make sure that what I’m reporting is accurate to the best of my knowledge.