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ABT – a terrific source for electronics, appliances, home goods [Unboxing Video]


So, let me ask you a question – where are you doing your holiday shopping this year? Will it be the normal online Amazon shopping? Umm…if you are like me and have been a bit let down with the quality of your purchases, let me tell you about a new discovery for gifts – 

What is

I had never heard of them before I stumbled upon Abt when I was researching for some items I needed. Consumer Reports has rated Abt Electronics as the best retailer in the appliance category 8 years in a row!  I like that Abt is family owned (since 1936). People who’ve discovered this site for ordering home goods, electronics and other items for everyday use are really happy with the products they have received. 

Disclosure: I was provided the items in this article at no cost, but the opinions expressed are my own.

What kind of brands can I find on 

Abt Electronics has more than 250 major brands like Samsung, Sony, Bose, Apple, Go Pro, LG, Whirlpool, Tempur-Pedic, Dyson, Tumi, & Weber with free shipping on thousands of items. You can also discover new brands you had no idea that existed. At least I did. You can find small to large kitchen appliances, household items like furniture, pillows, mattresses, and all sorts of electronics. 


A peek inside Abt’s store in Chicago

How did Abt begin:

It was founded by a female (GIRL POWER!!)  in 1936! Jewel Abt—an Austrian immigrant—used her $800 life savings to start a small radio shop with her husband David in Chicago. I love stories like this, don’t you? They provided the most advanced products along with the best customer service. 


A store visit to Abt in Illinois should be on your bucket list. Here’s why. 

I thought Abt was just a website that had a huge warehouse for shipping but I was floored to find out that there is actually still a store and it is incredible! The store is over 100,000 square feet. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The tropical fish in the 7,500 gallon saltwater aquarium
  • Can’t make it to the Bellagio in Vegas? catch a dancing fountain show in the soaring atrium
  • Be entertained by the waterfall wall at merchandise pickup. This massive video display consists of over 90 individual panels that fit together to create one magnificent screen – resolution of 7,713,792 pixels. 
  • The windmill is made of 4 flat-panel TVs mounted in a row and onto a special motor that slowly rotates the entire installation.


How does it compare to Amazon?

You probably won’t be ordering from like you would Amazon. It’s not the kind of a place where you order a book, a new phone case and a scarf or some fashion accessory. More and more Amazon has become a place I go when I know exactly what I want, but not necessarily a place I would buy an unknown item. Or at least not an expensive item.  I find I can’t always trust the reviews I see on Amazon. 

That is where Abt shines. The consumer goods site  has lots of videos on products and get this, you can pick up the phone and call customer service and speak to a live human being! Try that at Amazon.

What products did I get from Abt? 

  • A Moccamaster Coffee Pot

This coffee pot handmade in The Netherlands is a such a great find from Abt.

I’d never heard of either of this brand before, but I felt reassured by the excellent consumer reviews I read about them. 

I’ve never loved our original coffee pot. It is difficult to see when you are trying to add water , since there’s no display on the outside. I found the Moccamaster coffee pot and it sounds incredible. Not only is it pretty – it is a showcase feature in your kitchen. 


This handmade coffee pot brews such tasty coffee!

But, it’s not all looks with this coffee pot. It is handmade in the Netherlands and tested before it is shipped out and comes with a 5 year warranty. We buy our coffee beans and grind them each day before brewing our coffee – we’re that much into coffee and so far are loving this coffee from this we found on Abt! 

  • A pillow from Bedgear

Discover awesome brands like this Bedgrea pillow from Abt

I’m so weary of pillows that come in all puffy and fall flat in no time. I really wanted a pillow that would stand up….er…stay fluffed up more than a couple months. That’s what Bedgear promises to deliver. And it should – it’s about $100. Though it has only been about a week, this pillow is soft but plump enough for me. 

Also, Abt’s blog is pretty neat. They even have a great sense of humor – check out this post on their blog, aptly named The Bolt, on celebrating technology and Back to the Future.


I love that Abt is an independent retailer with quality products and customer service. My best advice? Shop for yourself first – you’re worth it!

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