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Amara, Inman Park, restaurant review

Amara atlanta -restaurant review

Amara is every bit as impressive as it’s older sibling, Tabla

The multi level restaurant has a modern decor with a bar in the middle. Both tiers of seating provide views to the open kitchen. If you’re interested in a spot with great lighting for the instagram worthy photos you’ll no doubt need to take, sit at the two toppers on the upper level of Amara.

I didn’t care for my cocktail, but I loved their non-alcoholic drinks. They are infused with Indian spices that are oh-so-tasty. So save some $$ and opt for the Cucumber Derby with mint, lime, ginger and jaggery.

Amara Atlanta Cocktails

Non-alcoholic drinks outshine cocktails at Amara

If you aren’t familiar with chef Bhavesh Patel, he’s worked in restaurants in London and Miami before finding a home here in Atlanta. He’s now the executive chef over at Amara. There’s some similar items to what he prepared for us at the Dinner Lab pop up last year, like the pork belly with 63 degree egg. Unfortunately, Dinner Lab is no more.

Be careful. There are so many tempting options at Amara in the snacks and two sections of appetizers (regular and Tandoori) you might be full by the time it’s necessary to choose a main course. I’d recommend choosing at least one from each section. I selected the pulled goat samosa, though I wished I’d ordered the beet & coconut one instead. Though there was a ton of meat, they were bland, even with a dipping sauce.  However, the brussels sprouts dish with sweet potatoes and garbanzos hit every note: sweet, crunchy, savory, creamy, tangy.

Amara vegetarian atlanta inman park
The tandoori octopus from Amara is made even better with the sous vide process. Now’s a good time to mention our server, Cian, and how on his game he was. He knew the menu inside and out and made smart recommendations including this amazing octopus. He didn’t steer us wrong on the naan or my wine selection, a tempranillo, which was surprisingly the lowest priced wine on the menu.

amara indian duck

Spice rubbed duck breast at Amara

A Moilee fish (they used Snapper) was exceptionally prepared and you’ll certainly need the Rosemary Garlic naan to sop up that mustardy sauce. So, you’ve seen a lot of sauces used at Amara but don’t mistake this for typical Indian restaurants that rely on heavy sauces and cover up the food. Here, the sauces compliment entrees, not cover them up.

Amara Indian Restaurant Fish

Moilee Fish at Amara restaurant in Inman Park
870 Inman Village Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307
(470) 305-7405

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